1. I am a milk donor, so I’m clearly pro donor milk. I can tell you about my whole process to be a donor, but I’m not sure it would apply since your friend isn’t a milk bank donor (though she should be!)

  2. Thank you this is very reassuring! I’m going to try it, hopefully she likes it’s

  3. For me, once my little one hit 8 weeks I truly felt the deep love for her. The first month or so I knew I had to take care of her, feed her, keep her alive but that love wasn’t there. I had one family friend tell me it can take time for that love to grow and it’s normal. I was told that way before I got pregnant so when I didn’t feel it right away I didn’t panic too much. Finally around the 8 weeks mark I remember the night I rocked her to sleep and I silent cried, looking at my daughter and realizing how truly lucky I was to have her in my life.

  4. Lonely bear as well, unfortunately since having my first child every time I smoke I get really paranoid or super emotional, hoping it’s just a phase that will go away.

  5. Today is actually my first day back at work. I had 2 months off for mat leave. I’m excited to be back but also have so much to catch up on. I love my little girl but I’m ready to get my career back on track and move up.

  6. It’s most certainly up to you, trust your gut and if you don’t feel safe going then don’t go. I have family who can get disappointed and feel entitled as well, I’ve learned to ignore them and move on. If you want to go and are worried about people touching her I would recommend a baby carrier or wrap. That way you can keep her on you 100% of the time!

  7. I try to avoid the whole mommy vlogger scene. A lot of them seem fake and try to push this “everything is perfect” picture and I think it’s just unfair. Now I do follow a few positive reinforcement/disciplinary pages, Mommacusses being one of them. Growing up I was never taught how to control emotions or how to show them. I was never hit but there was quite a bit of yelling. I wanted to do different for my girl. Those pages are the only reason I stay on Instagram. Well, plus the hilarious memes my sister and I send each other lol

  8. Mommacusses is wonderful, I highly recommend lackofimpulsecontrol too if you don’t follow her already

  9. Will be 11 weeks this Tuesday, she drinks anywhere from 4-5 oz but sometimes she’ll drink 3 oz then a a few more later on.

  10. Our two month old just had his first round of shots yesterday and it was rough over here too! Hope you get some rest today and your little one is feeling better. =)

  11. Hey, we had our two month shots yesterday as well! Our little lady handled it like a champ but cried a little. She took some long naps and managed to sleep 7 hours last night but by 5 this morning could not be put down. I’m pretty tired but I’m taking in the snuggles where I can.

  12. I could give birth 10 more times if you could promise me the epidural would work. I also made it to 3 cm before caving, those contractions were no joke. Once the epidural kicked in I was able to pretty much sleep up until delivery!

  13. With my induction I was scheduled for a certain day but the hospital had to check and call me with the check in time .

  14. Definitely not the exact case with us but I imagine he’s worried about bonding issues with your child, I’m not saying this excuses his demands. You need to sit down and have an adult conversation about the benefits that come with breastfeeding. I also breastfeed and pump, pumping is helpful in the sense that your husband can bottle feed the baby so that will help with bonding. And honestly there are so many other ways for to ur bf to bond, skin to skin is amazing and contact naps will be the best 🥰

  15. We've so far managed to avoid it by exclusively contact napping in the dark with white noise ITS FINE LOL at least one of us is super well rested. He's three months tomorrow 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 watching a looooot if Netflix on my iPad haha

  16. Definitely have had our fair share of Netflix/Hulu binging and holding her. To be honest they are some of the best moments with her, it’s just hard when you have to get a lot done lol

  17. Baby sleeps in a bassinet that comes up right next to my side of the bed. As soon as I hear her grunting I wake up and my anxiety sets in thinking she’s going to wake up any second and need to be fed. Nope, most of the time she goes right back to sleep and I’m left there trying to do the same

  18. Man did I write this? I didn’t think I would miss being pregnant but I think about it a lot. I miss the bump and miss feeling her kicks and her nightly hiccups 😂 I’m not sure I could sign up for it again though. I think our family might be complete with just the 3 of us. My baby is 2 months old too ♥️

  19. I’ve had 2 abortions, 1 by choice the other due to health reasons. You by no means have to tell your mom if you don’t want to or if it will impact your ability to get the procedure. I come from a conservative household, I got pregnant when I just turned 21 and my boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I were in no way able to take care of a baby. I made arrangements to get the procedure, my boyfriend drove me to and from the appointment. Yes I was pretty emotional, even though I don’t regret it, it was a lot to go through. Since I still lived at home I made plans to stay at a friends house for the weekend to process and recover. Honestly recovery was no big deal for me, everyone’s different. I just cramped a bit and was tired. FYI make sure to take all the medication they give you, it’s important.

  20. My personal philosophy is just go and try and be prepared to leave earlier than planned if baby really isn’t having it. I normally find restaurants not too bad, you can always walk around with baby if they get fussy and there’s usually some decor to look at and distract - take some non noisy toys and if you are using them yet some baby puff snack type things

  21. My husband and I were just having this conversation! He always wanted 2-3 while I always said max 2. We have a 2 month old who is still grasping life but for the most part is a good baby. I think I would be perfectly content with just one. To say I don’t feel any guilt would be a lie though. I worry she will be bored, I picture her playing with a sibling and I think about family activities we would all do. I had an easy pregnancy and honestly miss being pregnant however, postpartum has been a wild experience. Between the hormones and post pregnancy body I feel like I’m barely staying above water. My anxiety is through the roof most of the time and my emotions can be all over the place, I truly hate it. I’m not sure another child is worth going through this again. My husband says he would be fine with only having one now, that we can go on more family trips or spend more one on one time with LO and I love the idea of that. I’ve heard peoples off handed comments here and there about having one child is selfish or not “healthy” I ignore them because it’s simply not true. You do what’s best for your family.

  22. Definitely recommend PT!!! I have had a very long recovery and still not back to normal. I did have a second degree tear and two types of prolapse.

  23. Thank you! That makes so much sense. I originally went to pt for a hyperactive pelvic floor and was terrified of any penetration. After birth I kind of felt better. I know I need to give myself more time, guess I’m just a little impatient.

  24. I bought the intimate rose pelvic floor wand to do some release at home as well. I think that really helped me!

  25. I’m more of a smoker too, unfortunately since picking it back up it makes my anxiety seem worse :(

  26. My girl is super active. I struggle with PPA so any noise she makes I’m up looking to see what the problem is but 8/10 times it’s just her moving around or pooping lol.

  27. Please brag! we need more positive stories about supportive partners. I'm happy he supports you and congratulations on your little one!.

  28. Why is there so much mom shaming from other women? It’s so depressing. We should be lifting each other up with praise and support not tearing each other down because they do something differently. I bf but I was given formula since my mom couldn’t produce and I turned out PERFECTLY fine. I will never understand people

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