1. Just the trailers for already revealed characters (that will probably be playable at the upcoming Alpha). Jack and Jun next.

  2. Probably later than that considering harada was talking about how it's a wish to transition into Tekken 8 soon after the 2023 TWT ends. With him stating that it's just a wish I doubt it'll happen.

  3. His new moves look fire but anyone hear those sounds when he was hitting Jack that sounded awful more than usual

  4. It's metal sounds because jack is a robot. They sounded stupid but I kinda liked how stupid they sounded tbh lol.

  5. We were playing competitive CS before the VC money tried to use us. We will continue to play even after they move onto their next scam.

  6. Yeah. People will still play competitively. The level will also be much worse because people can't spend as much time on improving when they have to have a different full time job.

  7. Stretched res started with pros used to their old monitors playing 4:3 black bars. Streaming to Twitch would not put black bars but stretch the image, so some viewers assumed they were playing stretched and started to copy that, and some of those became the next generation of pros. Ppl started to make up reasons to justify it, the cargo cult grew (look up cargo cults btw, weird and kinda funny and kinda sad story), and here we are now.

  8. People were playing stretched before twitch even existed. You're right, it started with black bars but that's the only true thing here.

  9. I was running same build recently and I almost never used that extra weapon master attack.

  10. On the contrary I used it basically every single turn on an eagle barb. It was not a minmaxed one either as it was an rp heavy character.

  11. The great weapon master extra attack is most of the time useless for a berserker, a Berserker already gets a bonus weapon attack once per turn, during frenzy. A wildheart barbarian doesn't get a bonus weapon attack during rage and can use the great weapon master bonus attack for an extra attack.

  12. Glad it's not just me. I find it odd more people don't pick up on it.

  13. I mean I know banks from the Tekken Community and he very much does not try to use his fame or whatever or play it up. Maybe I don't agree because I saw him as a chill twitch chatter in a community I like first and a CSGO interviewer second, idk.

  14. Yes, they are. They simply don't want to spend more ok CSGO. Doesn't mean they aren't rich in general.

  15. Camping does not affect time passage in the game. There are also a lot of character scenes you can miss if you don't camp enough.

  16. Interesting, can you give some examples of a full rest progressing certain events or leading to alternative routes?

  17. Nere after finding him trapped or the goblin raid on the Grove after telling minthara about it are 2 examples that come to mind immediately.

  18. Look up dungeons and dragons fifth edition rules, i believe. The combat rules are based off that, so it should give you some jnsight. Armor class can be a confusing concept for newcomers

  19. It's not a bug for those claiming that. This is working as intended. Larian treats a natural 1 as a -10 modifier. Because of this, it's possible to get negative numbers.

  20. Nat 1s just show as a 1. I've never seen the die saying -1 and I've had a ton of nat 1s.

  21. Considering the op above shows a - 1, I'm assuming you have seen it at least there. I also have rolled nat 1 and have gotten this value as OP has.

  22. Yes it shows a -1 here. It's also insanely rare obviously which means it's more likely to be a bug. Your explanation doesn't make any sense if it isn't consistent at all.

  23. Literally the first time ever I've seen this move do something useful.

  24. Choksae is a player to watch if you want to see crazy applications of it.

  25. Choksae and Crazydongpal are the mad scientists of mishima specialists.

  26. CDP also has multiple ways to set up kaz df3 to be +10 on hit for different oki situations which is super cool. They're definitely the 2 most creative mishimas.

  27. I hope it fixes the VAC issues too. My account is getting DC'ed for no reason

  28. Yeah having to verify files everytime you get the vac bug is super annoying ngl.

  29. You are probably right, but with all due respect, I think a full game release with cutscenes as one of its primary storytelling drivers should have passable, glitch-free cutscenes at a minimum, and should not need a re-release to fix.

  30. To your edit, it's literally just because any kind of critique of the game gets shut down. I mean in the threads about starfield coming out soon after this game people were claiming that it's stupid of bethesda because bg3 would sell so much better. A loud minority of the community is just completely lost in the sauce lol.

  31. Fighting games have very little to do with reaction time. Stuff is too fast to react to anyway and the stuff that would be too strong if you couldn't react to it is made so extremely slow that people with far below average reaction time can still react to them.

  32. Looks so fucking good. I don't know why I always find grapplers hype even though I can't play them

  33. Grapplers isn't really a thing in Tekken. He has more throws ofc but he's not played mostly around them.

  34. Is there a reason why Marshall, and not Forest Law is in the game?

  35. Spoken as someone that doesn't play larian games on release. Both companies have always had bad technical releases.

  36. I haven’t had any issues in there myself on two runs.

  37. I highly doubt that you haven't had any camera issues in grymforge lol

  38. Its not only that he is saying that the character is ok and all you need to do is backdash against him, he is not hard to fight and downplaying him so much even though he lost every mirror match he played and got 10-0'd by atiff butt

  39. He literally says the character is top 1. Stating counterplay to a character doesn't equal downplaying.

  40. "Just backdash" if that is not the downplay of the century idk what is it

  41. He also says d3 is the best low and akuma the best character. Just backdash is a caricature of the proper solution to dealing with it. It's your own fault if you can't take a joke lol.

  42. How she gonna work without v trigger though :( half the fun with her is in that.

  43. imo its still fun to post/read every little possible detail and speculation about it even if you understand what source2 is and that there wont be any drastic changes most likely and the beta can be bugged etc.

  44. The thing is, this is gonna go on for 2 more weeks. We have at least 5 posts a day, every day since the month started that are literally just "it's coming SOON because here are these points that allude to it" that offer nothing that we didn't already get from RL's actual news article. Like we've known it's coming.

  45. Then play it. It has working matchmaking and good netcode. Literally nothing stopping you from playing it.

  46. Enough to find matches. Xbox pass version has crossplay with Xbox too for what it's worth.

  47. outside of japan who else? it's like saying "funny that you say only americans play american football" when technically there are some other countries that do as well. but really, who gives a shit about them?

  48. Exact reason why these posts are complete ass lol. It's all still based on conjuncture. They're guessing based on past events but labelling it as certainty.

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