1. Do yourself a favor and buy a brown Gundam marker. It’ll really transform the guy

  2. I like Brown against the red because it keeps it from popping too much but still makes it pop. I do have a black one but I use it on different colors. Brown is good on red/orange/yellow/pink though.

  3. Thanks for that knowledge. I never thought about it. I liked the hard black against it to give it a more comic feel.

  4. Is sex still stimulating enough to stay hard without feeling her against your shaft? This looks like a lot of fun for me, but I’d wanna make sure my bf had fun too.

  5. My partner enjoys them and I get tons of stimulation from them. They have different ridges and textures inside.

  6. I was on the border about this because the base figure doesn’t stand out and pop. I might have to pick one up and do this. Beautiful line work I know how much of a struggle that can be.

  7. Thanks! And def go for it. Hopefully with a coupon. He’s overpriced

  8. He definitely is based on the ‘accessories’ he’s packaged with. Defender was always one of my favorite outfits for him. It just looks so crisp.

  9. NTA - you have the ability to enjoy the foods you prefer. If the neighbor doesn’t want bacon then they don’t have to eat bacon but you still can.

  10. Nta. If my son did that I would be proud and do the same thing. You’re raising him up right. Way to go! As for the finance part, probably should have confirmed with her that it was a larger amount to be reimbursed. Overall I think the night or two on the couch is worth it in the long run to know he’s getting his trip with friends and she got the dress she loved. The memories they’re making will be there forever, the money can be earned again.

  11. YTA - if you knew they weren’t close why didn’t you attempt to help? It doesn’t even sound like you kept in touch while they were grieving and processing their loss.

  12. I'm a huge fan of Mercari. It's easy to setup an account, easy to post and sell and ship. Fees are reasonable, most importantly it's chock full of fans that know what they want. I've sold old video games, basketball cards, comics and figures. Worth a shot.

  13. There’s an animal adventures 5e book made by steamforged games that goes into playing as a dog or cat. Steamforged also made dungeons and doggos also cats and catacombs.

  14. Beautiful work. I loved seeing all the Easter eggs and call backs. You did a great job!

  15. Are you at liberty to say what that creature is called?

  16. My guess is that it is Desirat, the twilight Phoenix. She is one of the lesser idols in the Explorers guide to Wildemount.

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