1. agreed, don’t know why you’re getting downvoted lol

  2. maya stans love to hold everyone accountable but her

  3. This was me during the summer and I decided to wait until end of august/early September to watch season 5 so I wouldn’t have to wait as long loll

  4. Is it bad that even though he’s retired I’d want James Earl Jones to do it. Or an OG actor with a nice bass voice to do it?

  5. I don’t think we give Jack enough credit for his time as interim captain. And he hasn’t gotten enough trauma-less time to show his full potential and no matter how you slice it… he got overlooked a lot.

  6. I agree. I’ve enjoyed this season more than the last two seasons. Yes there is a need for improvement but the fact that the storyline seems more consistent and easy to follow

  7. I’d say Six is also a histo-remix as well. Ex-Wives can be categorized as a explanatory/background information type of song.

  8. No because it’s fiction based on real stories loll. That’s like people complaining about shows doing a covid storyline or a blm storyline. It’s expected just have to wait and see how they execute it

  9. Hank and Dawn served no purpose just to antagonize Dick for stuff he already antagonized himself about

  10. Jack and Theo: PlayStation/xbox

  11. I think Travis also plays PlayStation/XBox but only cause of the scene with Jack Travis and Dean with the new masks in season 3 or 4

  12. Basically what they do every season for 9-1-1, a drama free holiday episode in the middle of each season

  13. And it works. Or even have a random jinx episode like 9-1-1 did that’s not life threatening but funny cause the cast is funny

  14. I thought the same as well. And I don’t mind if it stays at just kinda…good 🤣 it’ll be a huge step up

  15. Very true! Just ride this wave that’s all we ask.

  16. Sully loves broadway. You would be surprised what he listens to when he’s alone 🤣

  17. Idk why ppl though Disney would take their chances on lower level stars for important roles. They are obviously casting Hollywood it boys and girls for name recognition

  18. Yes and no. I know Rick played a major part in the casting so I’m not sure it’s Disney’s “big name agenda”. And most times a big name draws people to a show when they don’t know anything about it

  19. One reason I preferred Jake Abel as Hermes is that he looked like the god. Not to mention people would take him serious because Hermes is a very serious guy.

  20. This happens all the time to me. The other day my phone added someone to a call from my face sooooooo 🤷🏾‍♀️

  21. I knew that Jake wasn’t gonna be Hermes so I was cool off that thought but did I expect Lin??? Not really…No but I’ll wait to see what he does with the character before passing judgement

  22. I barely remembered and I barreled through the first 5 seasons in like 3 weeks hahaha

  23. I wonder who still remembers it, I thought it happened long time ago, before station 19 aired.

  24. No it happened after Ripley died and someone was talking shot about Vic at Joe’s. So Travis punched him and then went to LA for the wildfire and got arrested at the end of season 2

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