1. Both are hot-tempered comic book powerhouses represented by the color red who possess an immense level of superhuman strength and can empower themselves by drawing their power from mystical gems (Chaos Emeralds and Crimson Gem of Cyttorak). Both have repeatedly served as enemies, allies, and members of the heroic teams of their respective franchises (Freedom Fighters for Knuckles and X-Men for Juggernaut). Both have also served as avatars to godly beings (Enerjak and Cyttorak respectively) which made them take up a villainous role, but they later lost these and returned to their normal selves. The difference is that Knuckles loses his role as the fourth Enerjak, whereas Cain Marko would eventually regain his position as Juggernaut.

  2. Kevin when his traps didn’t work because scp-4666 regeneration and stealth:

  3. funny thing is hes arguments for wining are him having better stats meaning team kevin thinks his best shot is going up and beating the shit out of 4666

  4. Unfortunately she does or at least is far behind Arale but still stronger than Chiaotzu (he got nothing after early Dragon Ball at best he's possibly island level while Tsun should be planet)

  5. I believe his best strength feat is destroying a Special Zone, which are their own universes in the Fleetway canon

  6. 2. I Mean... He Would Still be 10-11D Like I already said... Even if he Can't destroy it that Doesn't make him an Entire Whopping 9 Dimensions lower, Once Again you Can't Destroy a 3D Wall, Despite you being 3D... Doesn't make you 2D... Existing on the Same level as it and being able to Interact with it is Enough to Prove That!

  7. you can't just out of nowhere drop the fact that Finn is the cosmic imagination

  8. If we give batman those armours we give spidey his cosmic powers.

  9. remember that we are not giving batman armors like hellbat and justice buster which he needs prep to have

  10. Do you think slice of life and comedy are mutually exclusive?

  11. no Lmao the death battle fans that think dc marvel and dragon ball is not gonna be in the show for a while are just in denial

  12. How is that remotely Multiversal? Zamasu only affected is only Low Multi at best

  13. Goku has no arguments for countless Multiversal

  14. from what i have seen sonic is the one not having any countless multiversal arguments but Goku countless multiversal arguments come from:infinite zamasu merging with timelines and the fabric of realty itself

  15. okay so batman was attacked by evil superman and out of nowhere he used a magic that created an armor in a second

  16. Oh that's sick, I've never heard of that. Do you have a link?

  17. It being M rated doesn’t mean it has to be about gore or strong violence

  18. i agree with you but the main reason arkham knight sold better than the other ones is probably because it came after them and people were exited for the other games in the series

  19. American Psycho 2 was originally going to be its own movie called "The Girl Who Wouldn't Die," but the studio wanted to slap the American Psycho so they could earn some dough.

  20. i know but its still takes place in the American Psycho verse so it should count

  21. The whole point of American Psychø is that Patrick is an unreliable narrator & we’re not supposed to take anything he says at face value

  22. i know but i heard that in the book its not clear and that American Psycho 2 confirms that the kills happened

  23. Downvoted for a joke? This sub never ceases to amaze me

  24. yeah but u used the flash thing as an example which is a bad example, people would now think u mean outlier antifeats

  25. like i said in my opinion all anti feats are outliers(as i explained) unless the feat people are using is an outlier and the anti feats are just.....feats

  26. yeah well if you look at the comments people are giving constructive answers that side with me

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