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  1. Gay or straight, playing and talking videogames next to henry Cavill, if he's in a singlet even better.

  2. I'll be honest I don't get it or understand what part is meant to be funny and why. If you find it funny more power to you I just don't get it.

  3. Spent some time lurking on the 49ers subreddit. Lots of crying about the refs and losing their QBs. Didn’t see anyone mention the fact that Shanahan was trying to block Hasson fucking Reddick with tight ends and getting his QBs killed.

  4. The Bengals get sacked way more often and don't get injured, sorry buddy you guys have a great team but luck was the biggest factor here.

  5. As a 9ers fans I'd like to apologize to Inocent Philadelphian citizens who might have to put up with eagles fans flipping cars and lighting fires because a sports team won.

  6. Wanting good wellbeing for yourself isn't selfish, taking care of yourself is taking care of a human being.

  7. Part 2 tries way too hard to make Abby likeable with her saving a deer, being best friends and worshipped by those around her at camp etc. To me she becomes likeable and human when she is going around with lev and just shooting the Shit.

  8. TLDR : Focus on gender expression rather than gender identity. (Which you seem to be already without realizing it). Get in the habit of looking at stereotypes as expressions of femininity or masculinity rather than markers of Man or Woman. Also, not all non-binary people are inside the traditional gender spectrum, some exist outside of it.

  9. As someone who fits under the general umbrella of nonbinary: It's less that I don't feel like I fit within the "stereotypes" of men or women (in fact, for a lot of things I do), but that I just feel wrong when I am explicitly treated as a man or a woman.

  10. I'll be honest I had someone call me Stan (which is very far from my name) for a month and I didn't stop him because I thought it was funny. To me words are just reference points and I've never really felt any desire to be an identity. In saying that I still respect that other people do.

  11. There in a wrestling war?, This wrestling war has the intensity of the invasion angle

  12. Any movie/TV show with “a badass female character so cool we don’t get what the feminists’ problem with this movie could possibly be” which is actually just one woman in a group of 3-100 male leads who was secretly trained by her father, despises and looks down upon any work that isn’t fighting (but most particularly any work historically done by women), wears the skimpiest outfit possible, is played by a rail-thin, petite actress, is constantly angry and even though the main male protagonist usually treats her poorly she falls for him anyway and their first romantic interaction reads startlingly close to a rape scene but is somehow just her kink.

  13. Jim Cornette also likes dudes to raw dog his lady while he watches. We are not the same.

  14. Ad hominems are great in pro wrestling promos but terrible in actually refuting a statement

  15. I think personally that he only wanted His students the very best they could be, and didn't mean to be an asshoe

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