1. It must be embarrassing for Vikings fans to have their quarterback be involved in such a thing.

  2. I thought he played for the Jets and then retired. Am I misremembering?

  3. No, you are able to untap him before attackers, but you have to activate full control to do so (hold Ctrl on PC, hold press on your avatar on mobile).

  4. That's really frustrating if it requires full control... if my opponent has done something, I should have the ability to respond without going through the whole process of starting full control.

  5. The problem is that they try to balance "I want to respond at relevant times" with "I don't want to pass priority 10+ times per turn", so they give priority whenever it feels it makes sense in most games and full control is the band-aid for unusual situations.

  6. True, but that also requires know that I would not have priority passed again. So - lesson learned in this very specific instance, but kind of frustrating because it definitely cost me a game.

  7. What's that word next to "at pitching" in our quadrant? I don't recognize it.

  8. I... Need to know which state that is. For... Legal reasons 😬

  9. Did some quick googling. Apparently most states don’t have a consensual carve out for battery, so if you’re into spanking/flogging/impacts, it’s technically battery even with consent. Other aspects differ by state. For example, New York has a prohibition on handcuffs.

  10. The drone is worth $32 million and an SU-27 is worth $30 million. Judging by the flying, the pilot certainly isn't worth $2 million, so net win for Mother Russia!

  11. I don't think a bar graph is a good way to represent a ranking, especially with an arbitrary cutoff. Misleading at the very least

  12. Not arbitrary. SSA doesn’t report rankings below top 1,000 names.

  13. Mono-green gives an instant +7/+7ish and trample... That's a pretty big threat to win a stalemate.

  14. She can't ult right away until 7 mana - paying the Phyrexian cost reduces her starting loyalty.

  15. They put it on a seesaw with my mom on the other side.

  16. That metric seems weighted incredibly bizarrely. How does Devin McCourty have a higher rating than Harrison despite trailing Harry in every statistical category, pro bowls, and all pros. Are we really saying an above average safety who happened to play on a Bill Belichick/Tom Brady lead dynasty is more deserving of the HOF than a player who is better than him in every single aspect?

  17. Agreed, but HOF admission isn’t based solely on stats. The NFL writers also weight championships and other accolades very heavily, as is shown in this model.

  18. Paul Allen calls the Vikings games on the Minnesota sports radio station. He's a legendary announcer. He's the voice behind "THIS ISN'T DETROIT, THIS IS THE SUPER BOWL!!!" following Brett Favre's interception in the NFC Championship Game in 2009.

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