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  1. I started to improve my writing. My original goal was to write a novel once my confidence grew. But now I just love fanfiction in general and this is my strongest hobby.

  2. A piece of writing can always be improved in someway, shape or form. I wouldn’t get too hung by up on it.

  3. Personally, I try not to look back too much. I will fix little mistakes if I notice them because these things just bug me. But other than that I believe I will benefit more if I keep going forward, both as a person and a writer. End the story. And apply what I've learned to the next one.

  4. Not bad advice! I think my issue is that I'm so far from the end. But I do see where you're coming from and have thought the same thing so that's where my conflict lies.

  5. That the best family is found family. And that you can be intimate without it being sexual.

  6. So personally I have to be in the right head space for dub-con. Which is crazy rare, same for under age. But that's the beautiful thing about fanfiction! I don't have to read it!

  7. I love how clean and fluffy your cat looks, clearly you’ve taken good care of him/her. And her nose! Amazing

  8. Haha thank you! He's very spoiled, and this is by far the best picture I've gotten of him. He's normally a goofball.

  9. My husband enjoyed the show overall, he did say there were a few problems but still had a good time. ( I decided to skip it, just wasn't interested.)

  10. Considering that so many heroes are in it for fame and fortune, they could pass a law so only the top ten are allowed to get endorsements/pay.

  11. I'm beyond jealous, I actually had to step away from the one that near Karariko Village because I couldn't get it! I spent like 20mins on the damn thing! I even jumped down from the bridge to the rock below and still didn't manage to get the damn rock into the circle.

  12. Glad to see fellow worthless necessity reader. I been constantly thinking the worst situation for izuku to trigger his 2nd part of trauma induced quirk because you know how kirityu is writing angst. And poor izu only in the foreshadow of war arc for the first time he wants to have normal life and spend more time with his classmate and nezu

  13. Yeah, it's been great to follow, it's been a second since I've touched it, I like to let chapters build up so I can read large chunks at once, helps me remember. But I totally understand the Author's struggle. I'm currently working on my own story and have a similar problem with new stuff being added.

  14. Oh i wanna know. How much you cry reading worthless necessity and your favourite moment ? I can't pick favourite because lots of to pick

  15. I love when people have Nedzu as a opponent to the hero commission. I need more works when that's a focus. Also I can't pick a favorite part. Though the first chapter is a strong start.

  16. "If I cut you out of my life, you gave me the scissors."

  17. Thank you for your input! I still haven't decided which direction I will go but I got time.

  18. How adorable! You should consider creating an etsy!

  19. Dick sporting goods. Pay up to 4000 in travel. It's awesome.

  20. That's awesome, not my company, but I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  21. My company did the same and compiled a list of charities they are matching employee donations to! I'm so happy I made the switch to this job ~2 mos ago.

  22. I've gotten so use to fanfiction that I got defensive thinking "yes he is!" Then paused to actually consider your answer and now I'm just bummed because you're totally right. Lol

  23. Even in fanfics he usually zeros in on a couple students to pay attention to.

  24. True, think it's hard not to though, when writers focus on certain characters as well.

  25. In truth I didnt pick up on the longfic part, I'm slow at posting but I have over 25 chapters typed out and I'm not at cannon yet, so future longfic! 😊 sorry for the confusion! Didn't mean to coss any lines!

  26. I'll self promote, Izuku will not be going to UA. But this is a vigilante au, and what's been posted is about a year before the canon. And this puppy is a longgggg fic, so be warned.

  27. Sorry for such a delay, life lol. I didn't know people could make bookmarks like that! Makes me sad, it's so weird to do that. But awesome job!

  28. My most popular is also my least popular as I only have 1 story posted so far. It's a work in progress. It's from the TV show 9-1-1.

  29. Nice! For a first fic that's awesome. And that would be nice. I try to use bookmarks and subscriptions as a base.

  30. This hits way to close to home! Good luck! I hope random plot bunnies give you a break so you can get your work done!

  31. Yeah, I hope too... Because that didn't feel good to lose subs (even if it might have nothing to do with my writing).

  32. Yeah, that must have hurt, I'm so sorry! But don't forget we are human and it happens. I didn't update one fic for over a year, then was finally able to finish. It happens to the best of us.

  33. I read my friends fanfiction in high-school for Naruto. But searching it myself I can't actually remember. But knowing me, it was anime.

  34. I have one! It's one of my colored sketched of Grimmjow from Bleach.

  35. I'm going to self promote, my work is still pretty new but Izuku is a well established vigilante before canon. There's a lot going on, and I've been working really hard on chapters not yet published, but this may interest you!

  36. I've written KiriBaku, BakuDeku makes me uncomfortable, while the other’s I'm neutral with. I won't write them, but if they're in a well written story I'll read them.

  37. A character that I was super invested in (OC) turned out to be the main villain of the story.

  38. I would love the link, even though you've been asked a million times already! Lol

  39. I would give you all my medals of I had any. Keep up the AMAZING work. You are fantastic parents.

  40. I want to, and plan too. I have characters, settings, plots and even maps.... but..... I enjoy writing fanfiction so much I put my original work aside without second thought.

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