1. Clarification: people who identify as catgender do not actually think they are cats. It's just that it's hard for them to understand what a girl or a boy is. A cat, however, is much more clearly defined. The person doesn't identify as the cat, it identifies with the cat. It's just a way to express oneself.

  2. Depends on the meaning of dreamgender. Dreamgender as in changes after dreams or you associate it with dreams? Cool, have a nice day. Dreamgender as in UwU, dream x ranboo (I'm sorry if that's a bad ship, I don't know much about DSMP) for life? Nah, get outta here.

  3. I'm eating very well. Very, very well. The only thing better than this would be discovering that he has an undercut.

  4. I am mostly shifting for myself but I am also shifting for Floyd Leech from Twisted Wonderland. I love this man too much to not shift for him. He's really similar to me and I think we'd be a great duo! I haven't met anyone too much like me so it's honestly really comforting to have someone who is almost exactly like me in the way I act and talk and my mannerisms.

  5. A Twisted Wonderland collab would be awesome! Give me my Heartslabyul cookies!(ok, mostly my Cater Cookie, but still)

  6. Gives me blue energy drink vibes. I’m sure he drinks plenty of those late at night. Besides that, I’m surprised to see another Cookie Run fan here! Ovenbreak, Kingdom, or both?

  7. it’s decided he’s an energy drink LMAO😭💙💙 and yes!! i mainly play kingdom but i have played ovenbreak a bit too<3 only rly casually tho i mainly just follow it for the cute chars there! are you pure vanilla server??

  8. Right now Im mainly focusing on my Twisted Wonderland DR but these 4 I have scripts and plan on shifting to someday-

  9. I'm shifting to TWST too! didn't think I'd find anyone else.

  10. She enjoys painting, video games, and reading in her free time. In the main world I use her in, she wields dual metal fans and a katana, so she also enjoys practicing with those.

  11. Hi! The leader doesn't have Reddit, so I was tasked with posting this. We know we're kinda low-level, but we're a friendly community and we improve more every day! If you want to join, try to play as much as you can, but if for some reason you can't play for an extended period of time, try to tell us in advance so we don't have to kick you. If you have Cookie Alliance, try your best there, but it's okay if you can't do much like me. Same for Guild Battle. We have 62/90 relics so far. We're at Rank #23931 in Guild Battle and Rank #11924 in Cookie Alliance. Besides that, we have fun in the Guild Hall by doing little challenges with the cookie avatars (highest power cookie, all the same cookie, etc.)! Please be kind. Though the leader and I are close friends, I will admit that she is, simply put, a cinnamon roll. Her eyes do not need to be tainted by dirty jokes or swearing. Please respect that. Avoid touchy topics like politics or religion. I really shouldn't have to say that on a kids game about sentient cookies, but for some reason I do. We're a fun crowd and enjoy joking around, so don't worry about being formal or anything. We're pretty small right now, with only 6 members, so we hope to see you soon!

  12. I wasn't sure about the flair, so I'm sorry if I got it wrong.

  13. PREACH! I swear, this man goes from half a braincell to absolutely Galaxy Brain in half a second. This is why he’s my favorite first year.

  14. Lilia for B3. I take no joy in doing this to my old bat man, but I also kinda do.

  15. Trey's probably the most prince-like. The man's sweet, handsome, smart, has a sense of humor, and can cook. Besides that, his eyes...I don't know, they just do something to me.

  16. Gender in itself is a biological fact. There's Male, Female and Hermaphrodites. If you identify as something else, idc that's your thing and I respect that, but it doesn't mean that that gender you might have just made up exists. There are people that identify as attack helicopters. That doesn't mean they automatically are a 5 ton, weaponized aircraft. Just as much Non-Binary people are as said above "weird", because every human is binary (as mentioned before Hermaphrodites exist, but they're more both rather than none). My point being: Humans are born with a gender and saying you weren't is just a blatant lie, but if you identify in such a way and are nice about it, most people will respect that. As always if you're obnoxious about it, you're gonna be called a dick or an ass instead of He/She/It.

  17. I respectfully disagree, but my main problem here is the use of hermaphrodite to refer to intersex people. The term is misleading, since it implies one has both sets of genitals, which is actually impossible. There's more information

  18. Sayaka Maizono from Danganronpa. I would die for this psychic snake without hesitation

  19. It's just for fun - When I'm finished would anyone be interested in trying it out?

  20. Absolutely. I live in the state famous for hating abortion, but being completely fine with cousin marriages and homophobia. If I were ever outed…my god, I can’t imagine what would happen as is. If we had less rights, there’s a decent chance I would be killed, one way or another.

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