1. It really doesn't feel like it's been nearly 3 years since WYP

  2. Bangerz is definitely the most representative of that time to me the sound, the collabs, the visuals, the sad party girl lyrics all just feel so quintessentially of that era. If I had to pick one song to show someone what that time in music like was I’d probably pick We Can’t Stop tbh.

  3. Close your eyes for a moment and picture Jesus confronting the likes of Tony Perkins or Matt Walsh. Those two hateful pricks would turn whiter than a loaf of wonderbread in a snowstorm being eaten by an anemic Edgar Winter.

  4. It’s just tiring at this point hearing all of this nonsense

  5. “The mirror image of Christianity, so it’s natural enemy.”

  6. I would like to also add that this album won 5 Grammys, including Album of The Year, and generated Billie into becoming one of the biggest artists in the world. This album is the most streamed female project on Apple Music and the 3rd most streamed female project on Spotify. She was 17 when this came out, changing the genre of pop and alternative forever.

  7. And she was 22 at the time, hell of a breakout year.

  8. Colin shooting his shot! I saw that clip LOL.

  9. I definitely didn't fully realize and appreciate how one of the biggest songs of all time was a teenager harnessing the power of the internet which I agree with Tom is revolutionary and sets the stage for the future of the charts for better and for worse This song was such a phenomenon and so scandalous

  10. I listened to her podcast because the one with Diplo was trending and I've never heard something so boring I was actually surprised how boring it was

  11. Genuinely great advice but can someone tell me in what way she's at all been an innovator as a musician

  12. Re-recording her old material under a different label to reclaim ownership of it while also using the re-recordings to record unreleased songs and choose new singles. Essentially giving her old albums entire second eras.

  13. She in the goat pop artist conversation whither people like it or not and she only 33 years old so she can keep adding to her resume for the foreseeable future

  14. Him at Spurs seems genuinely scary- he’s not the kind of ‘instant success’ manager like Conte or Mourinho and it does seem like he could build something there

  15. Pop culture (movies too) gets caught in a nostalgia cycle every now and again. We're waiting for someone to come along with something completely original and change the game. In the past it's usually happened when new technology for music production comes around, the problem being we've had the ability to digitally produce whatever we want for a while, so it kinda seems like no-one really knows where to go now. Someone'll figure it out sooner or later though

  16. i honestly believe that both billie and doja will stop chasing mainstream success altogether and will make non-radio friendly albums that will be beloved by critics and their fanbases, but not by the gp.

  17. Olivia vs Billie is going to be the new kd vs lebron debate of this pop generation even though both of them are pretty cool with each other

  18. I only saw Fanboy and Chum Chum, Breadwinners, and Sanjay and Craig. Breadwinners wasnt that interesting. Sanjay and Craig got kind of dumb after a few episodes. Fanboy and Chum Chum was still interesting for a bit.

  19. "I reckon at least 2 are hospitalised every day" has to be one of the funniest, craziest, things I've read in a long time.

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