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Scarlet and Violet are rough

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  1. I get doing a hard challenge but I don't really get the challenge of being patient, it's just boring right? Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon lol

  2. they're jealous of people being outside, since all they do is sit on reddit all day being insufferable

  3. They probably wouldn't want to be driving down the road and inadvertently kill or maim some rollerblader who grabbed onto their wheel well entirely unbeknownst to them. Or they wouldn't want to be getting out of their parked car and have some jackass fuck up their door slamming into it at 30mph because he leapt off the road onto the sidewalk at the last second. Or they wouldn't want to be that woman minding her own business sitting by the sidewalk and get bodyslammed by this guy at a high speed. Granted none of that happened this time (besides possibly the door getting messed up), but it's extremely clear that any of it could have gone that way. Nobody cares if rollerblade guy is outside or what risks he takes upon himself, but don't endanger other people while you're at it.

  4. Actually no sugar is just blank calorie that blocks the hormones that make muscles. To maintain that kinda size you gotta eat a lot of nutrients not sugar

  5. I am baffled that there are multiple other people who must have believed this to upvote it. Absolutely insane take on what a carbohydrate is.

  6. Well it's been 12 hours and all the posts in defense of this (a small minority) appear to have been heavily downvoted. Just gotta let nature take its course; the sub's not infected.

  7. No different than people having kids when they know full well both parents are likely to have a kid with birth defects. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Dude they're called munchkin cats and they are selectively bred for and it has negative ramifications for the health of the animal. It's really that simple. Breeders need to stop doing this.

  9. If they are in captivity and learn they can eat the people taking care of them, than that’s already a problem. You can’t exactly release them once they know they can do that either.

  10. What I'm trying to explain to you is that human predation isn't something a Nile croc has to learn. They will eat people, period. They kill hundreds of people every year. They view humans (and almost everything else) as prey by their nature, it isn't a learned behavior.

  11. And what I’m saying is just because there are crocs that kill people doesn’t mean they know they can. They haven’t evolved to hunt us specifically, they are opportunists. Animals behavior does change after such incidents and if you ever read about the history literally any of them you’d know it’s a a turning point for that individual croc at the very least.

  12. Show me any scientific evidence that crocodiles specifically change their behavior to preferentially hunt humans after killing one. I get what you're saying for like, a leopard or something, but you are giving crocs too much credit. They are not as intelligent as mammals. They haven't evolved to hunt anything specifically, they've evolved to hunt everything in their environment that isn't just physically too large for them to kill. They are ambush predator killing machines. Their behavior is to hide in the water and grab something close enough and small enough to handle. That's it.

  13. Even if its the most mobile, there is nothing to it. You just spam the same 3 spell and do double jump

  14. Sounds like you haven't played since they got the talent tree. It's a lot more hectic than three buttons now with the momentum build.

  15. Sooooo you went from challenging level 20-something Pokemon to challenging Pokémon nearly level 50 and you thought that was normal….?

  16. Don't act like it isn't easy to inadvertently out-level everything in this game. The only way to avoid it is to switch out your team multiple times.

  17. I have collected 14 out of 18 badges and I am still under-leveled in comparison to a lot of the late game challenges I am encountering, so sorry I can’t relate to people who are likely doing the most to level up and are then surprised when they out level a good portion of the game.

  18. Not at all how it works. Even if you look up the optimal path for each of the three lines, if you are doing any exploring, catching new pokemon, and fighting trainers along the way you invariably end up overleveled. I'm not sure how you're playing the game, but it's never been so difficult to not trivialize content even providing for how easy pokemon games are generally.

  19. I guess it's that traditional period after the release of a new Pokémon game where Reddit loses their shit over it (but then, for some reason, buy the next game the following year and then lose their shit all over again).

  20. What did they replace Battle Tower with then?

  21. I wasn't a fan of BDSP either. My copy of Scarlet isn't coming until tomorrow but sadly with the state of gaming today you have to give them a chance to make a patch or two before you can fully judge the game. Vast majority of games are released half baked nowadays.

  22. You do not have to give them that chance, and the issues with gen 9 go far beyond something that can be fixed with a performance patch. Please stop buying games in advance or the quality is just going to keep getting worse.

  23. Same. My wife and I already paid for a copy each so we could play alongside our bff over thanksgiving break and I'm regretting it.

  24. Why people still pre-order is beyond me. You just keep rewarding developers for producing increasingly sub-par games.

  25. So? Michigan allows same day registration and voting on Election Day.

  26. They're perfectly within their rights, but I think the sentiment is that we wish they were invested enough to have registered ahead of time to prevent this situation from arising. As inspiring as it is that people are waiting for hours to exercise their right to vote, undoubtedly there will be people who leave without voting because of the line, and that could have been mitigated if some of these kids had cared to.

  27. This is not the fault of people voting in person or registering day of. This is the fault of not allocating the proper resources to allow for people to vote quickly and easily on the day of the election.

  28. A lot of the issue is out of our immediate control due to voter suppression efforts, but to the degree that we can control the problem, I would love to see some of the folks in this line be a little more proactive about getting registered in advance and voting early where possible so that people who do end up registering and voting same day won't be met with as much of an obstacle, because we definitely lose voters to crowds like this.

  29. Ironically, in nature females are generally bigger and stronger than the males. Most males in every species are flamboyant and colorful.

  30. What? Larger females in species exhibiting sexual dimorphism is pretty much only a thing in insects. It varies widely in amphibians and reptiles, but even amongst those and birds, if there is a size discrepancy the male is usually larger. In mammals it's virtuality ubiquitous that the male is larger, sometimes far larger amongst the species exhibiting sexual dimorphism. The only exception that comes to mind off the top of my head is hyenas.

  31. Yes indeed. I think for birds of prey in general it's not at all uncommon for females to be larger. For the majority of bird species that display a size difference between sexes though, males tend to be the bigger ones.

  32. Lol did you understand what I said? I've only seen this in american movies and was surprised that people actually do it.

  33. I don't understand why you think people are offended unless there is some language barrier going on. Everyone is just baffled that you thought this type of behavior was exclusive to one country.

  34. Is this even beatable on hardcore master? I mean you'd probably have to literally spend hundreds of hours on this seed. It's ridiculously punishing and you gotta know every step.

  35. I honestly don't think it's possible even for a normal god-gamer. This feat would take a specialist no-lifer on the level of someone no hitting Dark Souls blindfolded and playing with their feet.

  36. Terraria devs added multiple "fixed seeds" that add modifiers to the world.

  37. A no-hit run of Sekiro is astronomically easier than beating this seed on master mode hardcore.

  38. Simple. Every first run of a souls game, ever since DeS, has to be a single two handed UGS run. It's a matter of habit, principle and love for Berserk.

  39. This is the one. First playthrough is always big 2h sword. No magic, no summons, no shields, just rolling and smashing. That's just my default souls game experience, and after I beat it that way I branch out and try everything else.

  40. good? Losing alot of karma in here...

  41. His retorts seem pretty clearly comical to me. Lotta people in here with completely non-functional sarcasm detectors.

  42. I don't think that has anything to do with it in this case, as bodybuilding is predominantly an untested sport. Taking steroids isn't cheating in bodybuilding unless you are specifically competing in a drug tested category. Seems pretty straight forward that more impulsive, risk taking individuals would be more willing to jump into anabolic use without worrying so much about the risks.

  43. She got chunky after we spaded her and just never went back to her slim self. The male pup and her get walked and fed the same amount and he’s a fit lil dude lol

  44. Seems like the girl just has different caloric requirements then, because she is definitely overweight. You owe it to your pets to try and keep their bodies as healthy as yours.

  45. I think it’s a lower classification of the cellar spider. In Australia this is a daddy long legs!

  46. I was gonna say this spider must be from somewhere else, because our daddy long legs in the US look a bit different. Very neat shot though.

  47. Iirc, in the books Conan is mostly a young man who relies on guile, he only becomes a ripped wall of meat in his older years living in the wastes

  48. It's been a while since I've read them, but I have the collections of all of Robert E. Howard's original stories, and I wouldn't necessarily say that. Conan definitely relies on guile and cunning very often, but in the vast majority of the stories it is made quite clear that he is physically stronger than any other man.

  49. So that you can rely on the wisdom and knowledge of the collective power of the human mind rather than going it alone and creating the abomination that is this "garden".

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