1. I think the Harkles main motivation is MONEY. I think that they are furious that Charles and William control a fortune and that Harry only gets what they decide to give to him. In a way, it isn't fair but that is life. The Duchy of Cornwall goes to the heir and H is not the heir. When William becomes King, he will control all the assets of the BRF while George will control the Duchy of Cornwall. Harry gets --- not much beyond what he has already been given - a share of his mother's estate and the Queen Mother's estate. We don't know if QEII left anything to him. Charles may set something aside for him but that will be a while from now.

  2. For her to leak the photo with her usually well hidden props (A & D) all in the same photo— you have to know she’s definitely pulling out the big guns. It’s almost like she’s sending the message that bringing the RF down under the guise of “protecting” her mom and son’s honor is top priority for her. Racism is her last straw to grasp at before she fades off into total obscurity. I’m sure the RF gets the message loud and clear. She’s putting on a united front that H is clearly not a part of. It’s entertaining watching this little war play out.

  3. I agree with all that...and it was interesting that she included her Mom and son in the photo.

  4. The accidental on purpose release of this Zoom screenshot with the professor writing a book on Racism and the British Monarchy seems like a THREAT issued by Meghan and/or Harry. It is sad. It is infuriating. Nothing....I mean nothing...the BRF can do will please the Harkles who are going to make a living on attacking them forever. Meghan was welcomed and involved with the Royal institution for such a brief period of time and now she is going to participate in a book trying to take down the Monarchy. So awful.

  5. Pet washing and grooming and clipping nails. People pay a LOT for this and there are usually waiting lists at all the pet grooming places.

  6. I think the main reason Meri stays is the show gives her visibility for her businesses. I think Meri is very well off financially already. She rents a house in Flagstaff because it is a nice house and she writes it off as a biz expense anyhow. Also, TLC films the talking head shots there. A minor reason is that Meri is hanging on to hope that Kody will want to resume a relationship with her.

  7. The property is nice but it is too problematic at this point. I think the family needs to sell CP and divide up the money in a fair way. Then, Janelle can buy another piece of property on her own and build her dream house.

  8. I really wish they would address 1) their current religious beliefs and 2) how they actually share or divide up their money now and whether that is a source of tension.

  9. My prediction: Savanah is going to get into a top college like Stanford or Harvard. All of Janelle's kids are highly academic. Hopefully Savanah will get a good financial aid package. On her FAFSA, she will have to list both parents' income (Kody and Janelle) but maybe their actual income (after they minus all their schedule C biz expenses as they are both technically self employed) is low enough that she will get a big financial aid package/merit scholarships and not have to pay the full price tag for a top private school. I am hoping that Janelle has planned ahead for the FAFSA etc and how to maximize Savanah's chances for financial aid (not loans!)

  10. I loved the RV camping scene with Janelle, Savanah and Truely. I think they were having fun and I think spending the summer out on that property was a good idea actually. The bonus for Janelle by doing that is that Janelle was calling Kody and Robyn and Meri's bluff about them ever wanting to build out there. I hope Janelle builds her house out there and lives on that peaceful property all by herself. PS Kody insisting that they divide the lots up into 5 lots is just an excuse to prevent Janelle from building. As she explained, she can easily build in the spot she chose whether or not they re-divide the lots which isn't really necessary anyhow as Christine has left.

  11. My suggestion for a J2 is: write content for websites or write article for the ABA Journal - just saw an ad that they are hiring freelancers.

  12. I always thought this name made zero sense. It is a silly modern trendy name that doesn't fit in with the other names and doesn't match the family's heritage or the character's age. John, James, Bethany....and Kayce. What was the name of the son who died?

  13. Another factor is - they had a long distance relationship which was rather brief prior to the engagement.

  14. Biggest factors: Meghan's personality and her unrelenting quest for attention and wealth; financial stress; career stress; extended family issues; Where to live (US or UK); and the fact that they have very young children - little kids are often a source of stress as there can be arguments over caregiving; household work load etc.

  15. I would say that one overlooked factor is that Meghan is probably a lot more intelligent than Harry (although she is not as smart as she thinks she is) and it is tiresome for smart people to be in a relationship with less smart people. However, Harry has a much higher emotional IQ than Meghan.

  16. Northwestern Sorority sisters and good friends - Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis.

  17. It would be so good if Harry ended up with a blonde "bimbo" and they moved to the UK and she charmed the socks off the RF and turned out she was hard working and smart. The media would have endless material comparing her and Meghan for years to come.

  18. I wonder if they will be cowards and say they couldn't attend due to the children being sick or some such thing.

  19. It definitely looks like her. I think it is her. I think they purposefully used this photo and didn't mention H and M, only the Archewell name, in order to avoid the inconvenient fact that H is NOT there and the couple are not getting on and may be on the brink of divorce.

  20. Plus keep in mind that Kerry Kennedy's annual salary is 550K or more now - per the latest available tax return. Ugh.

  21. I love that Elon is even cleaning out the closets at Twitter HQ! He is the hero the world needs now.

  22. I have a theory - yes he is busy in college during the school year and he probably lives with Kody and Robyn during school year - but this "Goodbye" was in August/end of summer and I think Dayton may be spending summers with his father or father's side of the family in Montana lately.

  23. I think it is slightly odd to give a middle name which is a surname that is not connected to your own family. Oftentimes, people will use a surname as a middle name IF that surname is a family surname such as maternal grandmother's maiden name etc.

  24. It was proven in court that she was involved in the book by supplying Knauf with information to highlight in the book.

  25. Yes but I think she was way more involved. I think she and Harry pretended to Jason Knauf that him responding via email was the extent of their hidden involvement...but if you read the book, it is totally clear that Meghan was personally communicating with Omid about basically every single thing in the book. Knauf's email covered just some things but there were probably 1,000 personal details in the book that ONLY could have come from Meghan directly herself. I bet Meg felt smug that she also lied to Jason by letting Jason think that he was the only one communicating with Omid. Keep in mind that Sunshine Sachs and the Royal staffers were in silos and often at odds. Meghan did this book with SS and Omid behind the Royal courtiers backs.

  26. The more I think about this, the more shocked I am. Seriously. A massive expensive wedding and Meghan couldn't bother to invite ANY relatives???? Not a single aunt or uncle or cousin? It is just truly terrible what she did re: the wedding. And she and Harry didn't allow any distant royal relatives. She mostly invited friends, non friends, and co workers. This was such a CLUE that should have woken up Charles, Camilla and William and Katherine about Meghan's true personality.

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