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  1. Stop. Posting. Obese. Animals. Those are NOT units and that shouldn’t be welcomed neither tolerated. That’s just an animal abuse, NOT a funny “chonk”

  2. Agree on this statement. I used Porsche for a long time now for some reason and every time I try to drive the same on any other car it just doesn’t work

  3. Not quite ACC, but I've seen top laptimes in a F1 league years ago from a guy using a keyboard.

  4. And how many hours you got in racing simulators overall in life?

  5. Honestly? I feel like this is the best you can get with a controller. Any improvement requires just more precise inputs and setting the car correctly

  6. Do I need to just download it following your instructions and give you the feedback if I’ll want to participate?

  7. thanks, glad you like how it turned out. I guess it's just interesting to look at! but there have been other cool drawings around here, too!

  8. I’ve seen your art a lot and this one feels like not just an art, but like a drawing, with sub contexts and deep meanings. That’s what I always love to see

  9. well, probably read my webcomic series (and it's spin-off comics) if you want to see/read something with deep, yet dark, twists.

  10. Just to get me right: I kinda separate art and artistic piece. One is just a, well, art, made in whatever style and may carry no meaning, but aesthetic. And artistic piece is like all those old paintings: with deep meaning in every object pictured

  11. And otherwise more plastic and pollution will be produced. Choose your side

  12. The fact that ME takes place only 27 years after first contact has been a glaring hole since the beginning. Humans are too ingrained in the galactic culture to be that fresh.

  13. I can’t see it as a hole though because we can observe throughout out history that world moves in faster and faster tempo with every year and generational gap closing up so even a few years in birth date makes different cultures and generations. So I could imagine 200 years later our lives would be so fast it would be not a problem to integrate so fast. Especially with humans mentioned being the most aggressively expansioning species

  14. They’re both idiots if it went for 10 years

  15. They are probably counting the years they were together in high school and are no older than 25

  16. You’re literally doing what the point is, great job XD

  17. That’s a millimeter deep cut in metal, how’s you guess if it’s just paint? :D

  18. I don’t get it either. He was maybe 6’4”? But his bike was setup for a rider who is way taller

  19. I might suggest a thing: maybe he actually doesn’t realize that mountain bike posture should NOT be feeling like commuter bike posture? I mean on commuter bike it’s normal to sit almost up like on a chair, but MTB is absolutely different game and that someone is trying to play both?

  20. Don’t go with dynamic if you do not require it specifically, trust me. Go get a condenser XLR mic and be happy

  21. Yea I’m just worried about background noise since I travel a lot and will be recording mostly in bedrooms without any soundproofing or any particular set up.

  22. As an owner of Shure SM58 and a sound designer I can assure you that recording with condenser is actually much easier. Dynamic mic is very, VERY quiet, and it’s a pain to normalize the sound most of the time as unlike condensers the difference in quiet and loud sound is actually quiet big. It won’t clip on loud sound, or catch as much reflexions from the room, that’s true. But until I’m recording a loud vocal the sound is actually worse then my friend’s condenser as I have to raise the gain on my shure recording and it brings up even more background noise.

  23. This account is constantly spamming same posts, just carma farmers

  24. How selling not even remotely popular drink helps the war again?

  25. 12 but the main factor is actually that those headsets aren’t made with tiny heads and small eye to eye distance (IPD) in mind, which isn’t healthy.

  26. Almost every helmet now can adjust its lenses in a very high range so that’s not a problem

  27. True, but why not upgrade to two better drivers anyway?

  28. That’s the reason I totally left FL and why I’m so hesitant to try anything else like Pro Tools

  29. Last second chickens won’t do you good kids

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