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  1. Huh, said he knew a spot for what? Where to pack a punch?

  2. McKay character could have dropped out of school and storyline could have been about trying to find his identity outside of football. He could have visited his family and found out about Cassie and Nate through his brothers and either accepted it showing a different Reaction from Maddy or have him snap , concluding his own bottle up his emotions storyline they started from him in his episode .

  3. It make you wonder why did they write him as a college student struggling if they were never going to explore it. His story outside of Cassie was finding his identity and let’s not forget his assault. Cal and fez had their stories play out. McKay story just ending just seems unfair.

  4. He’s trained in the ancient art’s of the BELLÉ TIRÉ

  5. Aye donnie theyree zombies what more could ya want?

  6. Man forget gun problem politics. This is a people problem. An AMERICAN problem. Jesus we need to start pulling it together, i mean who fucking does this, who actually wants to harm innocent children and teachers trying to protect them. What a sick fucking animal. Rot buddy, rot.

  7. This sonic saved the smash bros universe thats what

  8. You know? I was really critical earlier. But I had just woken up and I wasn't high yet.

  9. If it's Eggman saying yosh, it was probably a SA2B video. Couldn't tell you which one but it was probably someone making fun of Eggman using an action replay to run as him in Sonic levels.

  10. Yeah. It was some sort of like ranking i think and the dude was hyping up something funny at the end and was like you can play as egg man outside of (whatever his robot thing was called) and was running around as him. Its driving me nuts tryna remember what it was

  11. When I first watched the show I disliked her. But as I thought about it, what she was going through was hell. She reacted how anyone would in her position. The whole Ted thing is usually what people use against her, but even then, she was already separated from Walt and trying to get a divorce. Their marriage was dead at that point. And somehow she still managed to muster up the strength and willpower to help Walt and keep things going. She really isn't bad at all

  12. Tbh man i think it really ended in s2 with the fake fuge state. And people get mad at her for that and its like WHAT? HOW? Like we all know hes lying but bc she doesn’t REALLY know makes it alright. Like wtf

  13. As someone who just watched for the first time fairly recently, can someone explain why hating her is such a thing? Is it really just bc Woman? I knew about all the memes and stuff hating on her going into the show and it made me expect her to be WAYYY different. Like Walt put their family through hell and back was she supposed to be happy??😭

  14. Good on ya, First time watching i liked her too. Didnt get why she got DEATH THREATS apparently? Walt didnt only fool the whole DEA and everyone else he fooled the whole fucking audience too lol

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