1. i’m at work and overwhelmed with all that was dropped so i’m doing the responsible thing for once — getting nothing. 😂

  2. i like most other suggestions… leave it, or add more but on black wax. at the very least let the original 666 have something special about them. jmo.

  3. banza cHeEsE pizza (with pArMeSaN, FeTa, jalapenos, basil, Truff, and red pepper flakes) and daiya m&c (with bbq sauce).

  4. Guess I'm waiting till next pressing to finally get my copy.

  5. Levitation and Needlejuice still have theirs available.

  6. I was honestly waiting for the Fizz Club pressing because I wanted the suites all on the same side with no breaks.

  7. i thought i read NJ’s fixed theirs after announcing the track list so it won’t have breaks but i could be mistaken (considering it has one less LP per night).

  8. i was told by the AUS store there’s nothing left of at least some of the variants, including the Lava edition. not sure of which others.

  9. i paid $25 after the 10% off code. i was too late on the free shipping code working. 💀

  10. What’s the 10% off code? Do I need to sign up to their mailing list or something?

  11. Not once you hit 200, that section of the Challenges page is empty after you finish prestige.

  12. after that point, what’s the need for knowing level?

  13. wdym by vegans are like that. All vegans rant and preach about their ethics?

  14. the more accurate wording would be “educate” — but people naturally tend to hate being wrong or inevitably called out on their inconsistencies, so it manages to come off as a “rant”.

  15. Sure people do that. But that's not the point.As grown up adults living in a free society, we can choose to follow whatever diet/lifestyle we wish to. I see no problem with vegans trying to "educate". But some vegans bring up their unasked preachings about their belief system on the table each time too.

  16. agree to disagree. i tend to prefer to not give time of day to people who think eating food products they themself wouldn’t process is a “personal choice”.

  17. depends. it’d grow faster if the ilitches would fuck off. “let’s buy whatever we can and leave it abandoned or turn it into a parking lot. w!”

  18. Looks like it was recently repressed — yet people are selling it for $100+ on Discogs. Greeeaaaaassssy.

  19. just jesus what clown thought “swamp green and hot pink” would work together. feck.

  20. Haha yeah. I think it turned out looking better than the mock up at least 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. the photos are how it turned out. it’s not really red.. it’s hot pink. the mock up definitely looked better.

  22. For when you’re really only a fan of 2B and parts of the outfield…

  23. you know the dad buying these tickets is still telling his kid to bring a glove.

  24. “i’m sorry.. i mix up ‘D’ and ‘L’.”

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