1. Hades easily. People are gonna pick the VMP since its a lot more common but Hades is literally good at everything and has 0 downsides.

  2. Its cool but a few of the 4x speeds feel weird and unnecessary, especially the very start.

  3. Its clearly a replay bug. Watch it all at once without going back at all and it wont happen

  4. You have no tanks. Switch Electrospirit for an ice golem at the very least, or cannon for an inferno tower. Also how are you at 5300 with those card levels

  5. Yeah because you didn’t hit him in the neck or it would have been a kill, obviously

  6. Then post a clip of it. You probably aimed to low

  7. I just use my keys on anything above a gold. Never run out and never have to deal with that

  8. What potential? This game has sucked since launch

  9. Name one legit idea. I have not read one that would actually work. Many good in theory but would not actually work in application

  10. Maybe but a nuke in 10 minutes is nothing to write home about

  11. Yeah, but the 10 minutes part isn’t anything special. Might as well just mention the Nuke. If anything taking 10 minutes to get a nuke just means you’re playing pretty campy. 20 seconds per kill is quite a while tbh

  12. He spent 0 and you spent 8. Negative trade he’s up skill issue L bozo

  13. BO2 has better Campaign, better MP, and better zombies than CW. How is CW better rounded?

  14. Run a lot of streaks and get high kill games. Or hardcore if you’re into that.

  15. They’re all bad, but its a clear order of MW, CW, V

  16. Spider gameplay is rarely ever good. Robot gameplay is awesome when its good, but is often just weird cube

  17. well he has 33-100 so he probably has a good idea of the difficulty

  18. Playing from 0 is much much harder. You’re adding all the slow gameplay, the wave transition, and you have to do 33-100 again which I’m sure took him a ton of time.

  19. Thats just the way I see it. Could be completely wrong but it makes sense

  20. Because its too busy grabbing your mom and redirecting her to my house

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