1. Looks better suited to Ranitomeya dart frogs

  2. Seems very obvious now you say it 😂

  3. The rule of thumb is 20 for the first fish and 10 for each additional, not sure why this keeps drifting up, of course bigger is better but there are too many nuances to tell someone they are overstocked from just one video.

  4. even this isn’t correct though- comets need like 55-75 gallons per fish

  5. Now this is the reason I have Reddit, good build friend

  6. Provide a dish large enough for your frog to soak in, but only half full (below face height) as pacman frogs are poor swimmers and can drown.

  7. Already have one in the back. She likes to get in the deep water to poop and eat snails sometimes

  8. It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong involving the deep water

  9. Stick moss to the wood if it stays humid enough!

  10. I screwed up some tissue and stuffed it into the area where the three cable holes are and then taped over the top of it on the outside of the enclosure, haven’t had any escapes of flies, brown crickets or my jumping spider

  11. Yes if you have a face eating fish with legs that could crawl out of the top and eat you in your sleep

  12. I’m going that but I was worried about the color showing through

  13. Just rough up the surface of the expanding foam and the substrate will stick all over

  14. Only when necessary and with powderless gloves on

  15. Too many goldies in too small a tank is probably part of the issue

  16. My frog does this every winter for about 6 months. If they aren't losing a ton of weight and still act fine when they come up, I wouldn't worry too much, but a vet checkup never hurts! I did that the first year with my frog when she wasn't eating, and now she gets annual checkups.

  17. Our frog is doing the same thing at the moment, good to see many others frogs are doing it too

  18. What’s the temps and humidity in your enclosure?

  19. Humidity is usually 59% to 70% all depends on times between misting. Temps during the day are around 78 degrees to 81, with nights dropping to around 67. Any suggestions?

  20. Sounds good to me, it is likely your Pac-Man is in brumation, you may have noticed a lot of peoples frogs aren’t eating at the moment and that’s because they are sensing the change of the seasons

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