1. I like doing yearly trips to Canyon Ranch or a spa like Golden Door.

  2. what do we think the track list will be?

  3. Thank god. Nothing worse than kids in business class.

  4. fly private if you don’t want to deal haha

  5. Millburn deli - a legendary sandwich shop - but it recently opened up in Montclair and Morristown, too

  6. did not know that ! so where do you think she moved ?

  7. I think in a previously deleted post, it was in Monctlair. Someone actually found the listing lol.

  8. yes, 100% and with the WFH made it so much easier lol

  9. Worst: Put money into my brokerage bought Virgin galactic and rode it up to $55 I think this was this year. It’s worth $3 😭

  10. wait how can you do this with amex and delta?

  11. yes !!!! I am so happy - I saw dr chris !

  12. Deuxmoi is on The Toast today and is talking about AC in the first story!

  13. I don't know who suggested a connection with preston nicholas in connection with BS on IG but lol at his stories. Run before he deletes.

  14. what was the post everyone was responding to?

  15. Usually things get announced around February…but expect rumors soon. People have inside info about venue bookings and that begins to trickle out sooner. Though if they start the tour earlier than may, announcements may also be earlier.

  16. assuming they will definitely be touring next year?

  17. I feel like the years they haven’t toured they have announced that they were taking a break. And last night Dave said it was the last show of the year…..which implies another year of touring in my mind anyway. And they’re already doing a festival in March and I don’t feel like they’d do a random festival but not an actual tour. And if the album actually comes out they’ll tour to support it.

  18. yeah i was there last night and he didn't say they were taking a break so assuming they will be back on for the summer?

  19. her dad is a mega rich lawyer for a global law firm, he might even be a partner if i remember correctly? like does well enough that they can own multiple multi-million dollar properties and the mom doesn’t need to work.

  20. oh god had no clue, really thought she did this on her own. what a fool i am HAHA

  21. I think Janine will be killed and aunt Lydia is going to lose her absolute shit. May even stand up to the regime?

  22. where are you seeing this? it’s not on mine

  23. To my knowledge, they have not announced the filming schedule yet. A lot depends on what availability/commitments the actors have. If they are able to follow a similar schedule to this season, hopefully, filming can start in February and we will get Season 6 next fall.

  24. yeah that is what I was thinking - was hoping it was earlier ! like spring

  25. I was thinking this as well. I don't really see how they can't wrap up the end of this story with Hannah / June / Luke / Nick / Serena etc. I feel like it would be super disappointing to see everything just go flat without some sort of resolution.

  26. Hopefully didn't get everyone's hopes up. I'm worried about Luke and June participating in the rescue mission. I think that's just setting the stage for more heartbreak.

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