Here's to an absolute legend, let me solo her

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  1. Same, I mainly entertained the offer because I'm a huge believer in DK.

  2. Maybe use the Commander's Standard for the eagle rally since it's a flag. Looks awesome

  3. Oh my god. Just lost my old lady and having a hard time not Reddit stalking you to come find Tully. What a creature

  4. Sorry for your loss. I lost my pup of 13 years in October, and have been having a hard time coping with it. I wasn't sure I was ready for a new dog, but she's been the perfect edition to my life.

  5. Aw we have a pug named Tullio and this is the closest I've ever come to meeting another animal with that name, much less a pug haha Sooo cute!! I love how dark his tail is 😍

  6. How funny! Haha yeah she does have some unique markings. She has some black hair on her chest as well. It's almost like she was meant to be black instead of fawn color and changed her mind halfway

  7. Need to do a Black Calder run and never fight a single battle. Just summon and stand in the back

  8. Not an owner, but I think this helps Javonte more than a little. It's difficult to convey the importance for a fantasy RB of having a competent QB to demand lots of two-high safety looks. There will be games where Javonte pops off now for no other reason than the defense decides to make someone besides Russell Wilson beat them.

  9. Also the Broncos will be scoring a lot more points so that benefits every weapon on the team.

  10. I'm thinking of sending Tua for him in a QB stingy SF league.

  11. I traded away JT recently too. I sent JT and Elijah Moore for Mahomes in SF. Now I have Lamar and Mahomes to carry me

  12. I forgot to mention but the show is in Dallas.

  13. It’s pretty much base level talent in the sec. Arkansas had aj brown, dk met calf and e Moore. But I couldn’t tell you who their qb was.

  14. Same but I'm thinking of flipping him for a 2024 4th and Nathan Peterman.

  15. The real trade for 600th TD ball should have been to open mouth kiss Tom's son if you're serious about your fandom

  16. After reading some of these trades listed I sent out an offer to the AJ Brown owner and he accepted rather quickly.

  17. I honestly sent it out just to get the convo started and he accepted. I guess what I'm saying is I'd reach out to the owner in your league and see because you never know.

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