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  1. are you sure you're allowed to be here? Being 10 years old is a bit eh for reddit

  2. I'm always told I sound like a 7 year old and look 10

  3. do you not find dick gross bc it stinks and its the path of urine

  4. I created my account in 2016 but I played before as a guest in 2014-2015

  5. Tbh running away from deathclaws is easier than cazadors if you bunny hop

  6. Nah bro you're fine, what are you looking at the ground? The crown is on your head!

  7. we've all been 13, so we should gang up on the 12yos that infringe the TOS by merely existing

  8. Why? On here it seems everyone hates it but some of my irl friends think it looks fire, some think only the jeans are good, some think it looks good but would be good in separate outfits

  9. So she is 5? fbi will probably be coming to investigate soon

  10. You’re am know how I’m made for the had making on the Dino but what have your am making have on the Jurassic? when the had goes on for, so does the for going had, I always say this

  11. I don't wanna create and account, I need sleep

  12. "Patrolling through the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter"

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