Ukraine applies for fast-track NATO accession

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  • By - glmtd

Girl looks like shes "enjoying" moms cooking

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  1. 5’7” is normal?? I can’t think of many men in Canada that are that short. It’s like saying someone who is 6’4” is normal.

  2. Actually, peanuts are caused by vaccines!

  3. Those are the big three? I guess it depends where you live but there certainly aren't any of those around where I live.

  4. She's actually not taking a bullet for mommy. I believe the full video shows that she really, really wants to eat a stick of butter. Mom tells her she won't like it, but she swears she will. This is her eating straight butter, while trying to show mommy that she does, in fact, enjoy it. You can see the wrapper from the stick of butter in her hand

  5. Ok this context is bloody well fantastic!!

  6. It’s literally only in America where you see people make their whole personality army/gun fetishization. You guys aren’t in the fucking military!! Just take a god damn regular wedding photo ffs!

  7. This isn’t army/gun. This is hunting/gun. You can tell by the hunter orange dresses.

  8. They’d never paint “Let’s Go Brandon” on the side of their sheds or homes.

  9. I see this so often recently. Who the hell is Brandon???

  10. And for the 10% that did, our brains paused and made us go back and read again at least once.

  11. And people still think the holocaust is a hoax… Jesus Christ…

  12. It’s easy to do. All you have to do is start with the idea that it didn’t happen and interpret all evidence according to that end point.

  13. After people ate tide pods, I believe people would literally jump off buildings for a challenge

  14. But at least NyQuil is meant to go in your body. This isn’t as bad as eating bleach pods…

  15. Ummmm…why are they pouring it back in the bottle?????? The NyQuil chicken is one thing…do they drink the chicken water after????

  16. And not to mention they flipped the raw chicken with their bare hand. I'm almost positive they didn't properly wash their hands afterward.

  17. That’s a pretty minor transgression relative to the salmonella stew they’re making.

  18. There are a lot of fat dudes out there that don't like fat women either

  19. You’re missing the point. Why is it plus-sized women, but overweight men?

  20. I’m about 80% sure they meant the EU….right….RIGHT?

  21. The rest of the world has forgotten him and I'm sure it was with sense of relief. Except for the asshole in Hungary.

  22. Oh no. We haven’t forgotten him. It was a big red flag to the rest of the world when he was voted in and then damn near voted in a second time…

  23. He didn’t really come close to being voted in the 2nd time. He lost by a pretty significant margin. It just took awhile to count all the absentee votes

  24. You had North of 40% of the votes go for him. After 4 years of him being president. After knowing exactly what he is. Think about what that says…

  25. They are there for disabled people to park in. He's disabled and he's parked. What he's doing has nothing to do with it.

  26. Do you hear the bullshit that is coming out of your mouth?

  27. Just accept the fact that the guy might need to rest before getting out. Maybe wait for his pain meds to kick in or other reasons. No need to harass the guy.

  28. Maybe he does. He never once indicated as much, but hey we can make up all kinds of shit.

  29. How wonder how much salt that is? I didn't know for a long time that cheese uses of salt-preseevatives to keep it 'fresh'

  30. The quotation marks around “fresh”?

  31. If they don’t make financial sense, they won’t help with climate change either. Like it or not, the cast majority of people aren’t going to willingly spend any additional money out of pocket to help with climate change. The only way you make it something people want to do is make it a financial win.

  32. Fair enough ! I meant that solar panels aren't a horrible idea just because they are expensive

  33. Oh, no. They’re a great idea. Just without costs being in the right place they won’t get adopted in large enough quantities to matter.

  34. Yeah lol. They fall under Crips. Just different neighborhoods or sections of town, opposite sides of the street, whatever.

  35. If they are both crips, doesn’t that mean they like each other??

  36. No because only white people can be racist thats why only white people can commit hate crimes!!!!! Duuuuuhhh!!

  37. Apparently that’s not real. I got permanently banned from r\whitepeopletwitter for pointing out a racist comment…

  38. Yes, yes, we all know you prefer typical “conservative” hotties like Marjorie Taylor Green- probably have a poster of her sexy neanderthal horse face over your bed.

  39. Neanderthal horse face should not describe any person accurately ever…yet in this case it somehow does.

  40. They’ll upgrade as they need to. Why do you think they won’t?

  41. Years of experience with cities failing to maintain infrastructure?

  42. You guys act like the US a power grid is constantly failing. It’s not

  43. Not the power grid specifically. Cities have outgrown their roads, sewer systems, and public transit and it all just gets left. The power grid may be different, but I will believe it when I see it.

  44. It’s a choice to start, the addiction part not really as it’s just brain chemistry at this point

  45. Right, but it’s not exactly too secret that some substances are extremely addictive, to the point of it nearly being guaranteed.

  46. Good lord someone please fix this (totally not gay) guy’s period key!

  47. Then couldn't the same thing apply to the monarch? Especially one with no actual power?

  48. Then what the hell are you on about "if the monarch came and wanted it back you'd say yes"?

  49. Because that’s exactly what pledging allegiance to the monarchy means. It’s not real at all, but that is what it means. Whether something is enforced or not doesn’t change what it means.

  50. K well it’s not working in Mexico. That country is very obese.

  51. Or…and hear me out…. The government is done it BECAUSE the country is obese.

  52. I can’t speak for other types of smokers, but my Pit Boss Navigator was a shitty SMOKER (great grill) until I got a smoke tube and some decent pellets. Now it’s a great grill and pretty good smoker.

  53. They didn’t talk about a subset. They lumped all white people into a category and berated them. Pretty much the definition of racism.

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