1. I think we know the answer to this question… not to mention the genocide they committed but they also have strong opinions on the genocide Germany did…

  2. I’m going to be honest with I had the same issue and it kind of was my reason that I stopped playing. Granted, my friends also slowly stopped playing too but every time I log back on and play a little, I get jumped by a void and just stop playing for the next month (this literally happened yesterday with less than 30 minutes of playtime).

  3. Lower the steam level, easier to scammer to impersonate.

  4. $700?!?!? 💀 Guess I’ll stay at 9

  5. Another thing I thought I'd add, is that if I go from the Csgo in game community market, I can access all of the previously inaccessible tabs.

  6. And Artsakh will constantly be in conflict

  7. together we shall wage the greatest war against the voidwalkers

  8. The Voidwalkers shall fall like Celtor

  9. sorry but i want to actually have fun playing the game, and pvp is the only enjoyable thing in deepwoken. so voidwalker it is.

  10. Chime of conflict? At least then it is a agreed upon 1 vs 1 where both parties are ready and it is not just ganking.

  11. Apart from Philippines and Madagascar being switched is South America rotated a bit to the right (idk I might have just never noticed before).

  12. I understand what you mean by them running from pvp but when I see two (almost max) level enchanted Petra’s anchor, shattered katana, contractor, my immediate instinct is run or log.

  13. Bro forgot to post this 4 months ago

  14. Sir I believe you have what is know as, an addiction.

  15. “Your love is like Duke’s ass” what am I even reading and 1:30 at night. This is my sign to go to bed

  16. What if bo4 was a social experiment to see if we would still buy a bad black ops zombie game?

  17. 1st because the hair matches the armor unlike 2 and 3

  18. aight if you don’t want to sweat the game yet: Erisa Bandit random events 1-2

  19. So considering the fact we know the channel starts with the letter s, I would like to say the new channel will be Science Theory. If you have seen the Anthony Padilla interview, you know the new theory channel will began with S and apparently Matpat got covered in blue goo for one of the episodes. Why would Matpat be covered in blue goo? My hypothesis is he did a science experiment more specifically a chemical reaction. That is why I think the new theory channel will be Science theory. Anyways that's just a theory, a theory theory thanks for reading.

  20. Never heard of them. Let me do a quick google search…

  21. Well Group D should be quite something

  22. Especially the Armenia Turkey game

  23. Armenia Georgia and Azerbaijan don’t have their flag colors

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