1. I'd say major in medical laboratory science where you'll get exposure to the basics of the laboratory world maybe do a post bachelor's in histotechnology or cytotechnology and then if you still love the lab jump into the MCATs and apply to medical school for pathology worst case you have multiple jobs to fall back on if medical schools doesn't pan out.

  2. Thank you for your answer! I did an elective at University Hospital, and my research mentor is a pathologist. So stressed about this thing! Appreciate it!

  3. You should be fine then :) a lot of people use it as a backup or have exam failures. With passing steps first attempt and at least some form of extra activities related to pathology, there shouldn’t be a problem

  4. Same here for me! Open House invite and an email from another program telling me that they received my application and that interviews would start to go out mid-October

  5. Exactly the same. It seems like a lot of people are starting to get interviews though and i'm getting a little worried

  6. Do you think it is an indication of how much they like an applicant? I mean if you get an invite later than others does it mean anything? On the other hand how can they go through all the applications in two days to decide who they want to interview?

  7. I dont really know, i dont know anyone thats applied before. They cant be looking at them all in 2 days though

  8. Mine just says available - 9/28/2022. Nothing about being viewable on 9/29

  9. Of course! I think it could be something interesting to talk about in an interview

  10. US-IMGs actually do pretty poorly when applying to pathology. Much worse than non-US IMGs. You need a pretty good story for why you're applying to it, and a lot of the US-IMGs seem to be doing so as a backup due to low scores/failures and the perception that its easy to go into. You pretty much need to have done elective rotations in it during school

  11. I thought family med actually cared a lot about having many gap years? (and looked at it negatively)

  12. From what i've seen, US-IMGs do much better than non-US IMGs in family med. More so than any other specialty. If you have first attempt passes on the steps you should be golden, especially if applying to less competitive programs. Its good to remember that a lot of people with many years since graduation probably have other red flags. Especially US-IMGs who normally wouldn't take years out of school before applying to residencies voluntarily and are often reapplicants with sometimes multiple step failures

  13. Everything on my part has been completed since August 10th. School diploma verified, step 1, step 2, pathway approved. I didn’t get anything from them yet regarding certification

  14. ECFMG has guidance on this somewhere that I saw. It said you can upload it using your own AAMC account but of course you can’t waive the viewing rights, as they can see who it was that uploaded the letter

  15. From what I’ve been able to find it looks like path isn’t using the supplemental app

  16. Thank you so much for giving a little hope on this topic. I’ve been waiting for a Reddit post like this because there is so much limited info. I’m a US IMG. Step 1-238..Step2-255. 5 publications in peer reviewed journals, 1 poster, 1 oral, lots of volunteer experience, honors society etc… I have 3 letters from pathologists and one from another specialty. I absolutely love path and am so excited to go into the field but I still worry a ton that my IMG status will limit which programs will grant interviews, especially top programs. As the main poster points out it’s so difficult to know why such a low match rate for path. It’s good to know there are some of us who are super amped on the field and not just going for backup. I really pray that will shine through! So glad to hear there is still some hope :)

  17. I’m sure you’ll be fine! It’s way more than me, and after all, those that did match last year had both steps in the 220’s on average for US-IMGs. Where did you study? And when did you graduate? I have no idea how I would even begin to do research and all that. It’s hard enough to find any pathology departments near where I live 😅

  18. I think many nonus-imgs in pathology have already done a full residency in their home country and that's obviously attractive - to receive a fully trained specialist for a resident pay?

  19. Yeah I’ve noticed this as I’ve gone through the “current residents” section of different programs. Those guys would be tough to compete with hah

  20. You absolutely need pathology experience though. At least one letter in pathology/elective is pretty much required by a lot of the programs

  21. Extensive home patho experience can compensate usually

  22. Oh yeah, just at least exposure to the field seems to be what’s really important. I think this is why the match rate is so low for US-IMGs that apply for path. They just apply as a backup without letters or an elective in it to show that they were actually interested in it

  23. I just had basically the same thing happen. I’m wondering if the scale could be different? I noticed the comparison chart is only comparing to test takers up to June 30th

  24. This is definitely a possibility. The new cut-off would need new curves and I think as the first batch we just got hit hard. My friends sat for the exam in June and they all say it was incredibly different. My friend scored the same as I did on assessments, sat for step 2 in June, scored 26x and I got a 243 (test day 7/29)

  25. But if you notice, these are the numbers for examinees prior to July 1st

  26. It only lists data prior to July 1st. So actually I don’t know. From what I’m seeing here it looks like scores are a good amount lower than what people were expecting

  27. Same thing happened..I cannot process my feelings. Step1 228. Step 2ck : 236 while all practise score were 240+ n 254 in final assesments I am non US IMG

  28. No time I meant I marked them without reading the questions 15 q in entire exam

  29. Yes, as long as you initially applied before 2024 you should be good for the 7 years to complete all steps from when you completed step 1, that’s what the ECFMG told me when I asked

  30. My problem with this was, I believed that children in a coma would be encompassed within the etiology of respiratory failure. So I chose the option that was more widely applicable

  31. Tested 7/7 mine is still there and eligibility ends at the end of August so you’re not alone

  32. That’s good to know, I was really worried it meant I failed seeing everyone thats had it disappear today. But I guess not everyone had it happen. So maybe it’s just disappearing as certain forms are graded or something

  33. Tested 7/22. Permit is there still. US-IMG, tested in the northeast. Are you IMG? Where did you test?

  34. I’m thinking this might have to do with the ECFMG website not updating yet because it seems like mostly IMG’s that haven’t had their permit disappear yet

  35. Oh I’m a US-IMG! I wonder if it’s only US students that had their permit disappear so far. It might not have disappeared from the ECFMG page yet and that’s why

  36. On the NBME or ECFMG website where you printed it from there should be no link to click. If there is a link and it leads to an error, then it didn’t disappear

  37. I tested the same day (7/8), but it’s still there though. Don’t really know what that means

  38. Not available to print, but my testing period ends in September. So it's not due to testing period ending

  39. Oh, that’s not actually disappeared. Like the actual link to click needs to disappear

  40. I read that UW counts every time someone answers. Which means people doing second passes and people repeating marked questions will inflate the percent correct on the questions. I’d imagine this also affects percentiles

  41. I thought uw only count first attempt of questions ?

  42. Maybe it changed. But I tried to find this before and found some examples where people asked UW support and they told them it counts every time an answer is chosen

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