1. when we received the denial it let us know the paper work they used to determined that and none of it was relevant what so ever, I had to appeal and collect paper work from everyone. I made sure to send that out on a timely manner and even after the phone call appeal they still claimed not to have most of the paper work I sent , the interviewer made me fax all the paper work that was missing once again during the call and I’m still getting this type of letter even after endless proof being sent to them multiple times. I honestly don’t know what to do

  2. Have you sent in school IEP/Special Ed records along with IQ tests he may have received? Have you sent in hospital records from inpatient stays?

  3. Have some respect lol, sure she isn’t related to you but this is still freaking weird.

  4. I think one career should be enough but the way this economy is going one doesn’t seem enough lol.

  5. That everything that gives us life can also kill us.

  6. If you like to travel and don’t mind needles, become a traveling phlebotomist. Certification is pretty easy and cheap (in some states, they’ll train you on the job and certify you for free). Get hired somewhere until you feel comfortable, then quit and become a traveler. You work by temporary contract when a hospital or clinic needs to fill positions for a couple months at a time and make twice what a normal phleb makes.

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