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  1. I remember those days, the day you turn old enough to drive will be the best day ever

  2. Negative? I'm just joking, no need to get offended lol

  3. mhhh probably Apollon G, Bloody Devil MS and Dranzer & Dragoon GT

  4. I do but Dragoon MF isn't anywhere as valuable as Apollon G NIB from Hasbro

  5. Ight so i'm a fake fan Dollar store fan

  6. Will it snow on the 20th on November? Will Uni Investment Fond raise by more than 4% this year? No one can see the future lol. Rage longinus is one if the best Beys (at least from Beyblade Burst) and therefore very likely to stay one of the top Beys. That's all anymore can tell you my friend

  7. I dislike Beyblade Burst a lot (the series) and the Beys even more. No more Bit Beast Chips with nice Art on it, and the Beys do not look as nice as the first Gem (my opinion). Comparing the Burst beys to let's say Dragoon G, Driver V2, black Dranzer etc. makes it so clear that they took many steps back. Also, the fact that Beys burst is also not my thing. However, new Burst Beys seem to burst way less so that's cool. ///// The 2nd Problem is the series, short: It doesn't live up to Beyblade nor to Beyblade Metal Fusuin/Masters

  8. Dragoon MSUV.... more than a decade, yet one of the strongest Attack Type Beys ever

  9. Good old days when attack rings still had real spikes and rotated in the direction they point

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