1. I would use a hard line and AN fittings. I don't think I'd want a rubber line running the length of the car. It's a more expensive but much safer. Using the factory fuel line from the tank isn't an option?

  2. https://gizmodo.com/that-viral-video-of-a-convenience-store-robbery-is-wors-1823084545

  3. Sorry, wasn’t trying to do anything weird, she was just fully exposed so I didn’t want her bits all over the internet.

  4. I live in Chicago where there’s a huge BLM movement and a fuck ton of graffiti everywhere and i can say with confidence that BLM supporters aren’t spray painting this everywhere.

  5. I have one of those driving around in the passenger door of a Honda Fit. It will never rattle loose but I would still love to get it back.

  6. Anyone that's been doing this a while has seen one as bad or worse. I pulled one out a few years ago that had a plant growing on it.

  7. All I see is 2 people in love with each other and cheese curds. Nothing /trashy about that.

  8. In the mid 80's my uncle did that after my aunt died. He gave super cheap rent to attractive young women, the only stipulations were that they cook for him a few nights a week and dress skimpy around the house. He ended up marrying one of them when he was in his 60's.

  9. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s a second gen 2000-2007 bugeye wrx. I tried comparing it to a few other cars that come in this colour and the seam of the bumper only seems to line up with that car, although I didn’t check many. After lining up your piece with the wrx ‘00-‘07 bumper I’d bet money on it being that car.

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