1. Todays episode wasn’t too bad i loved it when they started trolling him with the fake posts, but normally when he comes on i either turn off the live or skip over it

  2. I feel like i do this because I’m cooking for him and coddling him but i won’t take care of myself

  3. Also the thought of a bunch of people who don’t seem to care about me now suddenly coming out and talk about how “amazing,etc” i was sounds worse. I can’t stand the thought of family members that don’t speak to me pretending to gaf all of a sudden

  4. Why can’t men just accept that a woman doesn’t want to be with you without assuming it’s bc she went back to her ex or she wants to hurt you. She left you and is moving on. Not everything is about you.

  5. I disagree about food choices. There’s not nearly as many options. And way too many Mexican joints, which are always good but i don’t always want Mexican food when i eat out. And driving anywhere takes forever. Unless you’re ok with going to the same 2 places every weekend. Other than that it’s suburban utopia, if you’re into that.


  7. Him saying he loved her caught me off guard I did not see it coming at all IT WAS A LOT FOR ME

  8. You know that was a little wild Lmao my jaw dropped but from your comment i was expecting her to reject him. Just wishful thinking i guess

  9. No, they way he is overtly moping was to make people feel bad for him. If i were Sydney i would have gotten the ick immediately. He’s acting like a child instead of talking to her and simply apologizing. She had to go up to him. Pathetic in my eyes.

  10. I need season two highlights bc i don’t have time to crush out another li season this year 😂

  11. I’m not surprised. Typical he’d be upset when someone does the same to him 😂 phoebe crying at the end is a very good sign.

  12. This is terrible advice she didn’t explain herself at all. This person is left even more confused than before

  13. The weird thing is, we don't really see him hanging out with Phoebe. I know we only see a small part of the day but with the drama of this all you would think we see him with Phoebe right after talking to Syd

  14. I think they had to edit most of the day out because they didn’t want to air any footage of k*le

  15. If Sydney doesn’t find out how much phoebe bad mouthed her while they’re still in the villa, she will find out once she comes home and i cannot wait.

  16. I can tell Nadjha is a cheater. She acts and bullshits people like a cheater lol.

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