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  1. I refuse to play Blue Eyes... It's the most overrated archetype that gets support every year and its still ass

  2. I'm a sucker for fun card names. Onomats were my favorite archtype in DL not because of they were tier 0 but because I loved hearing Yuma say those goofy card names.

  3. Operating Department Practitioner Magician...

  4. Mermail. I don't care that maxx c quite literally shits on my deck, I'm going to play Mermail regardless

  5. scamming and stealing during trades is my worst interaction.

  6. as usual, doesn't even have the balls to put their name at the bottom.

  7. Great fast fences. you're a great example to new wattson players of what a fast fence should look like; area denial which doesn't need to be put in a perfect position, just get them out to control space :)

  8. High pace gameplay; the combination of special summons no longer being special + a free 15 card pile that we can access whenever we need (extra deck) makes the goal of a deck more accessible (a deck doesn't need to use it's extra deck, some will banish theirs to turbo out their main deck), thus the game is much faster.

  9. I get diamond with Sharks, Mermail and Bird up. can't get higher than plat with marincess and b.a.s.e.d

  10. Today at my locals, there was a Drytron player who was completely new to YGO and tried playing TTT reacting to a chain. the guy knew his deck mostly (other than trying to playing a few once per turn effects again on the same turn).

  11. other than what people have already said, I will always tell a new Wattson that they should learn how to place fast fences, regardless of coverage; the amount of time you can save placing fences in a fight can be life or death.

  12. Place your bets here ladies and gentlemen, how many posts about how "Maxx C isn't working!!?!!" will Floowandereeze cause in the first week?

  13. I don't play Flunder in TCG but the only reason why i've built up the staples for flunder in MD is because of maxx C.

  14. VW is still a top deck. Adventure however is absurd. my only problem with waiting for the brave engine is that like flunder and trouble sunny, they might get skipped past for a tad. so really we have no idea when we're waiting for it.

  15. Hideyoshi from Baka to test deserves to be in this line up...

  16. Amin is your starter, Foxy and Ogre are your extenders. deernote and (if you're running her but you probs shouldn't) Madam Spider are your garnets

  17. Sadly buffing him will make him oppressive from way back when. And reworking him will completely take away his identity.

  18. Since Dragon link is a pile deck that uses many splashable engines + archetypes to achieve its goal, the comparable decks are ones that use splashable engines.

  19. D/D/D, Synchron (or almost any synchro deck like speedroids or T.G.), @ignister are all combo heavy decks if that‘s what you‘re looking for

  20. I wouldn't recommend @Ignister here primarily because it's a midrange deck and the heavy combo will primarily always have the same auto pilot combo paths that end on Accesscode talker/arrival/heatsoul.

  21. Our sky has seizures. One minute it's clear blue, the next it's grey and pissing with rain.

  22. The problem here for me is that Hwo can wave dash in to close the gap that was made by KBD. Idk if it escaped his mind or he just doesn't know that hwo can wave dash.

  23. Wait till your opponent finds out you top decked HFD

  24. Ice barrier core + Ursartic don't really work. I think it's more because ice barriers main deck is too ass however

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