[Schefter]Another mega deal: Bills reached agreement with WR Stefon Diggs on a 4-year, $104 million extension that includes $70 million guaranteed, sources tell ESPN. Deal ties Diggs to Buffalo for six more years, at $124.1M, with the intent from both sides to have him retire in Buffalo.

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Game Thread: Buffalo Bills @ Kansas CIty Chiefs

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  1. Man I'm not downplaying anyone's sacrifice and if you knew me and my family it's the last assumption you'd make. That being said, Pat died today in 2004 after making a decision that many wouldn't make, walking away from millions to serve in a war. I stand by that he epitomized the American spirit following 9/11 and I won't go elsewhere.

  2. Following the Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 NFL player Pat Tillman turned down a contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist and serve his country. He was the epitome of the American spirit following 9/11. April 22, 2004 Pat was killed in a friendly fire incident while serving in the war on terror. Remember Pat Tillman this day and every. Rest in Peace

  3. In addition to being a Bills fan I am also a Seahawks fan, have been since the 80's. All this trade talk has my head spinning. The Buffalo - Seattle trade hotline is a real thing so I do not doubt someone comes here and/or someone goes to Seattle.

  4. The old timers have such sweet autographs. Saw photos posted and instantly wish I had gone.

  5. Paid $190 for the Diggs PB jersey before shipping a few weeks ago. I guess they dropped the price a bit. Only downside is delayed shipping

  6. I got hit by a car crossing the street (legally) September 2020 as well as having fibromyalgia… I know your pain :(. people think getting hit by a car is a pay day but it isn’t worth it lmao

  7. Not worth it at all! I was working when it happened and it still doesn't make it worth it. Thankful I wasn't standing two feet further out I'd probably not be here typing this

  8. Same situation man…. What’s even more messed up is in Ontario there is a $40k deductible on all injury accident claims meaning if the insurer company owes you $43k you only get $3k and they get to keep the other $40k. It’s actually disgusting.

  9. They are based in Indiana which is a head scratcher. Overall not happy with the time it takes them to process orders

  10. Can you imagine If we lost this year in the super bowl on a missed kick ? Of course that would be worse. But I just think a lot of people voting weren't around for those super bowls.

  11. I can tell they both hurt in a very very similar way. You've got the game won, you've been cheering and on the edge of your seat or standing whatever It may be. But your team did it! In both cases in a position to win and then total deflation, stunned astonishment, and disbelief.

  12. To further it, if we won that last night was there any doubt where this team was headed? I think we all were thinking it at the very least.

  13. Hard for me to want to resign him especially after this seasons performance. He hasn’t done one thing that made me go “I’m so glad we have Edmunds”.

  14. Definitely noticed him "watching" on a play or two rather than being involved, looks confused ALOT, and I cannot say tonight us the only time I've seen him watching plays unfold.

  15. Hey, buddy. Would you like a TD to Gabriel Davis? Huh?

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