1. I am entertaining myself putting them in order of who I'd totally do. NAC is first, no contest. What is really scaring me? I would def do Sonny before I'd do Michael. Like, Michael comes in last place here. And there are lots of blank spaces between second to last (Sonny) and last, Michael. "I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name".

  2. My brother texted me the gist of it. Two years ago, my wife suggested we switch to a more non-traditional marriage. After a lot of consideration, we went that direction.

  3. Anyone else have the words from 27 dresses running through their head reading this? Jane- that was yesterday. Today you’re just some bitch who broke my heart and cut up my mothers wedding dress.

  4. Finding out my ex-boyfriend (we were talking engagement and all kinds of huge life moves) was cheating on me was the "best" thing that ever happened to me. It hurt like hell at first and the "other woman" who told me took a big risk but she came with proof and apologized (she had been bamboozled too) but it allowed me to gtfo and get my life on track. The spouses deserve to know.

  5. I almost always say no to chicken unless it's a well known chicken restaurant. I got salmonella on my honeymoon. I've seen something called airline chicken on a couple of restaurant menus so there's a demographic of people who don't find it sketchy.

  6. OMG salmonella is top among my worst nightmares. I've had food poisoning and it was just the absolute worst.

  7. My husband and I ate off the same plate and only I got sick out of us. He thought I was being a baby until he ran into another husband who had been on the excursion with us and he called a doctor for his sick wife. I think my husband had norovirus this weekend which is super weird because his system is super hearty and it's usually me who gets food poisoning.

  8. So your family, who have excused your sister's awful betrayal, are mad at you because you could've magically foreseen your ex's abuse? Someone who's so fucked up in the head he fooled around with your sister right under your nose at a family event? I don't know where to start. Cut all of them off and get therapy to figure out why you'd be able to twist all this up in your own head so that you're the bad guy.

  9. Alllll of this. Like the fact that he was a cheater didn't clue them in that he's Not Great News? If anything, Sister thought SHE was special and he'd never mistreat her. He's just had more time to escalate during his marriage.

  10. Hell, my own mother thinks my partner should have remained single after leaving her abusive ex-husband because she has kids. "When you have kids, it's not good to demonstrate that a revolving door of men is an option." We are serious.

  11. I mean I agree that a revolving door of adults coming in and out is not great but there's a huge, wide, gigantic gulf between "randos in and out" and "committed partners."

  12. Yeah, see, this is what we call a nuanced take. My mother doesn't know what the word means.

  13. Are you asking for advice as far as how to handle these conversations? Or how to manage his care as he ages? If you should even maintain contact? Some of the above? All of the above?

  14. There is a prevailing idea that adoption in the US is incredibly expensive and time consuming, but getting a daughter from China is just a one day in-and-out kind of affair. So perhaps the man just thinks it would be as simple as flying to China, picking up an orphan and flying back. No one will know for sure though unless OP just talks to him and really gets to the bottom of it.

  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think the expense of adopting in the U.S. usually comes with a private adoption versus foster-to-adopt? Like with private (esp if you are doing open or semi-open) you pay for the birth mother's medical and all legal expenses. But with foster-to-adopt in the system there's more assistance. Not that becoming a foster parent is "easy" or quick.

  16. Your feelings are understandable. I think the child should be able to decide when he is older. If his father isn't really for it, and you are uncomfortable, then don't. His feelings matter too. It's his child and he is active in his life. She wouldn't like it if he tried what she was doing. As for her saying you don't accept him if you don't do it, that makes me feel like she is trying to make you feel bad so that you cave. Your feelings matter. It seems like her feelings are the most important ones at the moment.

  17. I agree that the son should have a say. He's a person, not a pawn in the fiancee's game or bargaining chip or accessory. Eight is definitely old enough to understand and have an opinion.

  18. He was in high school when it started. There is no world in which a high schooler is mature enough to fuck a woman staring down the barrel of middle age.

  19. And I'm finding it hard to believe there were literally ZERO single men in that town. Like even someone a few years younger but not IN high school! She's just gross.

  20. What do you think will be achieved by telling your girlfriend? I'm asking sincerely. Because unless you plan to buy her a new wardrobe and have it overnighted to your rental house all it's going to do is make her feel uncomfortable.

  21. Has it? Will he never be as adoring again then because he used to love me so much and look up to his dad as his biggest role model. That can’t go.

  22. You don’t get to decide how he sees you or set the conditions for a relationship with your adult son. You can’t bang your way out of this one (I hope).

  23. I’m so glad my dad and stepdad are chill. Both walked me down the aisle and neither likes dancing so we skipped that. Easy peasy.

  24. To clarify, once every couple of weeks you ask him to do something an 8 year-old can do and that's the extent of the conversation?

  25. I think Sofia is definitely pregnant. As for Sasha they haven't said, but I wouldn't be surprised with a miracle Brasha baby.

  26. I think you’re right about Sofia but we’ll have to wait and see if we get another GH baby.

  27. Yeah I have mixed feelings but if Sofia is pregnant and doing well good for her and her family!

  28. Finn is an infectious disease doctor who specializes in rare diseases. I don't think it will be something Finn can fix.

  29. As someone with a dog and two cats, I could never imagine just throwing food on the floor, let alone leaving it there overnight. And that's to say nothing about the damage to the floors. Egg is very hard to cleanup. Plus it smells.

  30. IK!! and there is no way Robin and family wouldn't be here by now! Not just cause I would LOVE to see them but let's face it, it's fishy they aren't here. And Felicia, Mac & Robert carrying on like Anna WHO? memorial wuh? lol

  31. I asked this question last week! Why hasn't there been even a vague mention of "now we need to get to planning a memorial" or something?

  32. Tell you don't know how to satisfy a woman without telling me you don't know how to satisfy a woman.

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