1. I played this game on the X360 and when I tried to do her questline she killed herself before entering the arena of both Flexile Sentinel and Lost Sinner. She walked through the bridges and for some unknown reason decided that it was a good idea to make a 90º turn and walk straight to the water... twice... for each boss

  2. So many amazing bands in here. Slipknot, Meshuggah, Sleep Token, Born Of Osiris, Orbit Culture, Alcest. Amazing, too bad I'm not from Spain

  3. Maybe is "Funny" from The Gray Chapter. It's a hidden track that is not in streaming services and they use it at the end of their concerts.

  4. Can't be, there is no "goodbye" in 'Til We Die

  5. Sunken, Iron and Ivory, in that order.

  6. The whole band farting on people's face to make them feel like breathing in sulfur

  7. This mask with the stitches is pretty good, the concept of a transparent mask that you can personalize with makeup is dope

  8. Did you literally listened to the entire album 722 times in a couple of months? That's (sic)

  9. They nerfed The Log to give Snowball a little spotlight, and now they reworked Rage so it's literally a better Snowball and Zap. What the fuck?

  10. Everything Ends but they never play it because it already ended

  11. lmao what the fuck what kind of dark souls have you been playing

  12. with a keyboard??? The dark souls 1 version i have played has normal free movement

  13. I think there is a confusion, I was talking about rolling, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "movement"

  14. You want a DS2 fanboy, I want a DS2 femboy, we are not the same

  15. A better chest certainly would be good, but I don't think a gold chest is bad for the kind of thing they ask for, I even could say that is enough as a reward. You literally have to play the game as usual and you get free stuff each day/week

  16. What do you mean with "the next Metallica"? Influence? Popularity? Slipknot has both, but saying they are the next Metallica undermines their achievements

  17. The shooting parts are boring, the suits are ugly and generic, the crafting system is broken, universal ammo is shit, a lot of environments look the same (especially in the ships), the story is all over the place. But the art design is great (except the suits), the co-op is fun and overall is a good game.

  18. Only One but it's only one member on stage

  19. But it's from a classic and iconic song. People will hear it and think "Wow, what a great many years it's been listening to Slipknot, I remember that song. And now Slipknot is going away. Oh what memories I have."

  20. A better call back imo would be the thing that Black Sabbath did in 13, where the last track ended with the intro of their first song. But even then it wouldn't work because this isn't Slipknot's last album

  21. I wouldn't recommend someone that never played SOC before to play a mod that heavily modifies the game. The better options for a first playthrough are either vanilla SOC or mods that make the game more stable but don't modify the experience in any way

  22. Lol everybody forgot about Baby dragon. Baby dragon needs a buff.

  23. Baby dragon is one of the most balanced cards in terms of stats and purpose

  24. That either means a buff to xbow damage or a nerf to skeletons hp, people won't like it, even I don't like it

  25. Right, but when I decide to do a melee run, this fucker keeps flying like is that fucking microsoft plane simulator

  26. Mirror. I hate it because is such a non brainer. Your opponent use hog rider or gob barrel, you counter it and then they mirror it, you don't have a counter in cycle and you have to take damage

  27. Hexes are expensive af but are amazing to play with. They make the game easy, yes, but they are very versatile. There are projectiles, a freaking sword, flames, poison, you can nullify attacks, you can infuse weapons, you can reduce enemy's stats and increase yours, and you can one-shot someone.

  28. Those giant bitches that appear in the zero g zones that shoot you orange shit

  29. It's about combining the timelines so they all work together and make all the games fit into the aame univers. You gotta think big to understand look up videos on enstine relativity or string theroy.

  30. While is stated that time and space is convoluted in the Dark Souls world, it's a reference to the multiplayer and how different players interact with each other.

  31. Ok bro, you really should calm down. Miyazaki himself said that these games aren't connected at all (except Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 for obvious reasons), that alone disproves your theory.

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