Americans (USA) what is a good thing about your country?

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  1. Not the best but a good one maverick has an m4 and 1911 flag patch which some ops don’t have he talks with a more reserved voice which embodies his New England roots not so much Boston tho

  2. The first one is a Bravo, the other two are SOPMOD. The SOPMODs have battery storage compartments and the Bravo does not

  3. I personally prefer the SOPMOD versions because of the cheek weld and because the pad on the Bravo sits at a weird angle for me. The Bravo isn’t bad, especially at that price point but I prefer the SOPMODs

  4. At the point you have fiber, it's really about how saturated the upstream link is or isn't. Just depends how much they oversell your area. I actually had better speeds/reliability with my old WISP which was delivered via an 18 mile LoS ptp wifi connection in the middle of nowhere than I did with at&t fiber at my next house.

  5. No one on my road is getting it they instead are staying with century link so I think I’ll be good

  6. Where about are you? I am totally jealous of rural fiber. Half my county is in a coop, I am not, damn you Entergy Texas. String some fiber already.

  7. Could be a feeder with minimal splices. Normally with distribution you’ll see terminals on the poles and a lot of splice points. Be on the look for the coiled up fiber hanging down. That’s for the splicer.

  8. Yup fiber is almost there. Needs spliced up and you’ll be ready to order. You see a hub anywhere mounted?

  9. If you mean what I think you mean then yes there was 2 buildings put in at the sub station

  10. You could also get a bcm upper to add to your psa lower

  11. I probably should’ve said that’s what I was gonna do the I was gonna buy a different lower

  12. If you call having to clear malfunctions due to the gun not being put together correctly looking cool...more power to ya...

  13. We were 6 months from when we started seeing them driving around and marking stuff until fiber was available.

  14. oh well guess i have longer to wait than i thought =(

  15. I have a physical copy of fallout 4 goty that I got a code with for fallout 3 which I redeemed a few years back and fo3 says I need to buy when I try to launch it

  16. I can’t download any of my playlists after switching from android to iOS web after restarting and deleting the app

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