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  1. I have a physical copy of fallout 4 goty that I got a code with for fallout 3 which I redeemed a few years back and fo3 says I need to buy when I try to launch it

  2. I can’t download any of my playlists after switching from android to iOS web after restarting and deleting the app

  3. I'd go the custom route with the upper, meaning buy the barrel bag ch gas system and all separate not only with you get a better understanding of the gun itself you can "cheap out " in some places

  4. Maybe on the next one. Gotta walk before I run

  5. Have you looked at aero precision uppers psa uppers aren't known to be the greatest

  6. Who do you pay your bill too, that should tell you if not find the closest ones and go their website and type your adress or account number that should do it


  8. yea, it had to do with my distance from the CO, they had to swap a 20KM card with a 40KM card and that fixed it. Pings and speeds are awesome, 3ms ping and 2gig up and down

  9. Sounds great I cant wait rn I'm rockin with a solid 0.60 down and 1.4 up with 1000 ping during the day and at night i get like 80 ping

  10. That's what I'm getting right now with a Verizon 5G hotspot in a very rural area, and we have a 60gb data cap with a bunch of gamers in my house as well. Is conexeon installing fiber anywhere it's requested?

  11. I'm getting fiber in August so idk if it's worth it to spend 400 dollars for that

  12. That do month to month and I have a friend who just leased the router for like $10 a month until they got fiber

  13. Why dont you tell those guys they'd have a guaranteed customer if they came out my way

  14. PSA lowers are fine but after getting an upper and completing my rifle I do wish that I would've gone with aero precision or put my own together (buying a barrel and receiver Seprate)

  15. Any particular reason why or just personal opinion

  16. PSA barrels aren't too good neither is the gas block with barrels and gas blocks especially the barrel

  17. Explicitly stated gun grabber who has also said he's never owned a gun. Wants to ban assault weapons, can't define what they are.

  18. Can someone tell me this guy is bad I hate the atf but why should I hate this guy

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