1. We should know more once Hanen releases his final ruling on DACA next month. There's a lot of support from the B!den Admin as their ultimate goal is to fortify and expand DACA. Pro-DACA news articles are starting to sprout, and as April approaches, more people will emerge to speak up about this matter. While we may not what will happen, it is clear that Hanen made an overreach, and with no hope of amnesty, the B!den Admin will have to do what it takes to push for the reopening of the program.

  2. Do you know the date Hanen’s will make his decision. Or the date he will announce it?

  3. That’s is awesome LinkedIn is where it’s @ for future jobs honestly send me a dm I’d like to connect with fellow saca peers in there.

  4. The only thing that changes is the court’s decision next month I think they need to come up with a solution soon, republicans want that 💰 for border security I say they give it to them.

  5. Graham & Durbin should be embarrassed to bring this bill up again and fail time after time.

  6. Safer bet is no. Are the bolts themselves warped or just inaccessible because of the bent bar?

  7. They all do if you ask them, they’re all angels 👼🏻 helping clean up the streets.

  8. Hey sorry I can understand and read Spanish but I can't write it but I hope this helps.

  9. This depends on what state you live in. I tried getting a real ID in WA state and they said I had to be a citizen to get it. Since I have DACA they said I don't qualify.

  10. 10 kilos of marijuana is what they reported 🤔.. mmm wonder what happened to the rest of the drugs.

  11. You don’t need to tell them it’s expired unless they ask for your new card.

  12. I’ve been dealing with this since November I’ve tried acupuncture, massage and physical therapy and nothing any suggestions anyone would be greatly appreciated I’m on cimzia.

  13. I don’t know nothing. What’s with all these questions cocksucka

  14. Asegurate de llevar una chamarra hace mucho frío en apatzingan en estas fechas 😂 suerte.

  15. I repair heavy equipment I’ve being repairing hydraulics pumps and cylinders for 16 years now.

  16. Do you guys remember living without pain? I don’t I was diagnosed at the age of 18 and to be honest with y’all I don’t remember what’s is like to be pain free fucking sucks.

  17. I don’t. I was a cashier from 16-18 and I remember wondering why my back hurt so so bad from standing all day when no one else would say anything about it. Same at concerts. I thought I just had a weak core and was embarrassed about it.

  18. After high school I got a job repairing hydraulics units from heavy equipment which is when my pain started and I always thought it was from my job until my oldest brother told me to do the a test and it turned out to be positive for AS im 33 now and still doing the same job I feel like I haven’t lived a life. since I have to go home and rest everyday after work.

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