What are some disadvantages of being a man?

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  1. I live in Colorado and she is performing on the date of our wedding. 😭 Happy for Taylor but sad for me.

  2. honestly I’d one hundred percent change the wedding date if it were me

  3. Baldness. While most men can't, certain men can make it work for them.

  4. as a woman I’ll say that it looks weird when a guy is balding but not completely bald. I promise you’ll look so much better if you shave the rest off and be completely bald

  5. I cut off friends if they cheat on bf/gf. If I ever found out someone was a rapist I’d try to turn them in to the police. Rapists are disgusting people.

  6. I used to have a pit bull named Tyson. He was the biggest sweetie and lap dog. He was more cuddly than my golden retriever is. I love them. It’s so sad they get such a bad rep

  7. wearing tons of bracelets and it goes halfway up to their elbow. I just can’t stand it for some reason. I think it’s because I know that future them will look back on themselves and cringe and that makes me cringe for them.

  8. Idk who the best would be but Kevin hart is definitely my favorite. He ALWAYS makes me laugh

  9. It’s already a real thing. I used to be so scared of invisible fire when I was little

  10. Get rid of all billboards in the nation. They’re such an eyesore

  11. of course she can dress up as tiana!! that would be like saying it’s inappropriate for a black girl to dress up as belle or Cinderella.

  12. Women NEVER want strange men grabbing their ass in a bar. Ever. Repeat after me, EVER.

  13. Back in high school I had to grab something from my locker during class and a guy walked by and slapped my ass. No one else was around to see it since it was during class. I didn’t know the guys name and there weren’t cameras so I didn’t bother reporting it. That sucked.

  14. Quick showers aren’t a flex. If you’re out within 5 minutes there’s no way you thoroughly cleaned yourself.

  15. Her eyes aren’t as hooded as they used to be. I remember people on ONTD calling her squints circa Fearless. (As someone with hooded eyes it stayed with me)

  16. i just looked at old photos and I think it was just the way her eye makeup was done that made her eyes appear more hooded before. i could be wrong though

  17. she’s stunning!! I’m loving her hair and the outfits this era already!!

  18. anytime someone does this I remind them that my life is in their hands right now and ask to text or whatever for them. i make sure they know I’m judging. If you need to text immediately pull over safely first. It’s never worth the risk.

  19. nose piercings. no one looks better with one. it just never looks good. ever.

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