1. Depends on your district or state. I've been one for nine years and i had college credit and took a test and passes. That was it, i am now in Washington and the districts here require a degree and help Paras get that associate if they want it. I'm not sure since I'm Essentially a grandma in paraprofessional terms at 29 lol

  2. Don't .ind me over here crying 😭 my kids is all over the place ATM lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 enjoy it my friend! Shoot have some snuggles with your partner, i miss snuggling my partner 😂

  3. Just got back from San Diego and I can confirm that Seattle tacos are good but just about most taquieros out here don’t even come close to tacos in major hubs in california. It also doesn’t help that tacos out here are twice the price. The only place that comes close in Seattle is Fire Tacos but they’re from California too.

  4. Yup! Tacos and Mexican food here are expensive as hell ! But it is understandable, that's why mejor cocino at home because i am going to go broke lol 🤣 anybody want Mexican food for free mi ama Is coming to visit next month ! Hit me up for some posada !!! Lol 🤣

  5. SoCal girl here - I do think it’s gotten a lot better since I first moved here 10 years ago but maybe I’ve just had more time to explore.

  6. Maybe that was it, west LA lol I'm from south central LA and east LA and we have so much near but that's cause none of it was bougie and was all street food and legit and fucking delicious 🤤🤤🤤 hello fellow LA hermana !

  7. We had issues with swaddling from the start. He would escape constantly and end up with a blanket over his face. So I ordered some sleep sacks that are like socks that just slip on… well, as he’s gotten longer and they’ve been washed and dried so many times, they don’t go passed his elbows anymore. So I’ve started double swaddling him, kind of. We do the sleep sack and tuck his hands in, then wrap him in a folded flannel receiving blanket we snagged from the hospital (reason being it doesn’t stretch and he has a harder time escaping). We’ve tried a couple other swaddle sacks and we just don’t like them… one that has a crotch piece? He’s too long for it. And a knock off Halo sleep sack. The Velcro is LOUD and TOUGH. It totally disrupts his ability to fall asleep or stay drowsy.

  8. Have you tried the actual halo one ? I use my halo one for my 4 month old just keep her arms out. We also use a zipper sack. The Velcro is loud but we don't take her out at all during the night since she doesn't poop.

  9. Can't say as my hospital did not allow any recording so first find out if your hospital allows you to :)

  10. When we go out weekend i bring the boiled water (cooled down ) in a Tommie tippie container or flask water bottle and her formula into our travel dispenser. I got a Dr. Browns formula travel dispenser from Amazon for like 4 $ gives me 3 or 4 bottles and just mix it when I need it in the bottle :)

  11. Congratulations on your baby! For reference my girl was born 6 lbs 22 oz at 39 weeks and was completely fine so your baby being 6 lbs is completely normal.

  12. Yeah, remind your husband that men have been making decisions for women's bodies for a while and here we are. His concerns seem ignorant and he may need to think about it in a different way.

  13. I just went back this Tuesday...it broke me . I have been with her since the beginning. Not much help since husband worked and family in other states. I cried for three hours in between breaks and before leaving

  14. Mom flew a week later and I'm so grateful for her . O was a mess and she helped me so much. We took as much precaution as we could.

  15. Do not buy books! Any books can be borrowed from Libra, i got the what to expect book, read some of it then forgot about it lol

  16. If you don't want to then don't send her :) She is probably exposed anyways , now if you trust them then why not ? Gives you time to rest and focus on yourself. Just send milk with her and let grandparents get all their lovey lovey out and you sleep and found on you ! :)

  17. Nipple flow :) Use newborn size 0 or premie and if you can't find that Dr Brown premie size .

  18. Lol My 4 mi th old does this as well. I stopped moving her face, now if she is uncomfortable she moved on her own lol it's like these babies just seek out the not safe or random est position to sleep in 😂

  19. Delete social media , take s break. There is an algorithm to it that once you click on one video about a topic who j in your case is SIDS you will then get more and more around the topic or negative stories.

  20. I was super super super against it for us at first, i was so scared of it. Then at one month i dropped my baby. She slipped out of my hold when i was holding her because o fell asleep, i was so sleep deprived. After that i said we will bed share , i need sleep and so did my husband who works full time but tried as best he could to help. Best decision ever. She is now 4 mi this old and thriving and so are we! We still have our normal sleepless night because what would be life without our baby keeping us up right ? Lol 🤦

  21. If your baby is a newborn for bother going all out yet. What you have is fine. Wait until 3-4 months then they can interact. Bookmark any recommendations and when time comes then buy them.

  22. I have a lot of friends who spank their kids (really not here for a discussion on spanking), and it would be totally inappropriate for me to spank them. I’m not their parent. I shouldn’t be disciplining their kid. The only time I’d grab someone’s kid is if they were about to run into traffic, a pool, etc.

  23. Yup ! I grew up Mexican traditional raising and we were spanked as well and it's a normal thing but my mom was a mama bear. No body else disciplined us or punished us , that was her job and also she was our mom. Very different than my aunt's and she was always made fun off , funny thing we actually were quiet behaved 😂

  24. You are mom. You need to learn how to put your foot down argument or no argument. Your only priority is your baby and everyone else can get fucked. Sorry for the straight forwardness but we as parents are our babies only line of defense , hang in there !:)

  25. 4 month baby gil her ! I didn't buy a rocking chair and now regret it :( I have found a ton in Facebook marketplace for amazing prices and amazing conditions in my area maybe you can them out

  26. I think we might live in the same area ! Snow then ice storm lol but on to your dilemma, you made the right call :( baby first . If you guys catch it you are no good to each other or baby so good call !:) Hubby and i and baby plus dog are spending the holiday alone as well. FaceTime is a godsend bit not the same :/

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