1. She literally just notice....there was a whole story on insecure about it

  2. tbh, I'd rather him stay solo just because I'm sick to death of "Will wrestler X join my favorite faction?!" posts.

  3. If you're not in a faction in AEW you won't get screen time which is why they adopted the New Japan model of having so many factions...Sooner or later they join something, even Hook has moved from one tag team or faction to another even though he is more of a solo act. Darby may be the only person to stay solo if you're counting sting as a manager and not a tag partner.

  4. I don't know who would be more embarrassed by how his followers worship him, Future or Jesus...

  5. Name a sitcom and you'll find a husband that married way outside his league if she isn't already dead in the show and knowing Disney's history....we got lucky that one of the most prominent black cartoons had both parents and a grandmother alive.

  6. To me it’s not necessarily boring. I can just do without another gauntlet for a title match.

  7. Isn't that what a heel would do tho, make a babyface go through a grueling gauntlet but also make the fans have to sit through it as well?

  8. He literally said it was going to be a reign of terror, and in 2 months he's given us the Starks feud and now Danielson vs the world....it's not bad.

  9. The white conservative parents that don't want to talk to their kids.

  10. How else are they going to get the scene in the trailer to sell it to horny kids?

  11. You ever bought a new microwave on an impulse buy even though it was going to cook the food the same way?

  12. I'm very curious on how History books will remember this man. A few years ago he was placed on the same list as geniuses and now people are wondering just how dumb is he?

  13. But don't forget the people who disagree with that statement will tell you they're "pro-life".

  14. Cody is getting the reaction he wanted over on wwe and I can’t say he made the wrong decision to leave aew.

  15. I mean a lot of that is by his own doing, like imagine he showed up to WWE and said he'd only ever challenge for the US title. But regardless, his run in the main event has been great, the highlight of Raw by tenfold.

  16. Staring intensely at all the business bros who chose Jay Z try to explain their way out of this conversation.

  17. I get the love for MJF's "Pipe Bomb" But it served no story purpose other than giving him a reason not to be on TV. His feud with Punk and how he shifted the perception of a heel with the Punk promo was a once in a lifetime promo.

  18. Conservatives are adding it to the holster, next to "How can America be racist, Obama was President?"

  19. I always hate this mindset of what's next and let's start booking...Let's give Mark and the family time time and let him and Tony figure it out, whatever happens happens. But it just seems wrong to just be planning what next already.

  20. Tell me the difference between this type of mindset and "I can't date him he's a Libra."

  21. This sounds the same as a boss being afraid to even be alone with a girl in his office because she may throw out false accusations. That is a terrible approach to live by in life where you think the opposite sex is at war with you. A few online videos are not representative of the rest of the world.

  22. Let them cook! He just started a storyline pushing him as a singles star and his focus is Swerve.

  23. Wait until season 2 when those viewers are going turn into the xbox lobby...like the amount of hate the second game got took us back 10 years.

  24. Wait until a country singer brings you up on stage and you'll get your moment to add that ER.

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