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  1. I mean if Christine needs a new minion every season or the show needs a villian if Christine leaves.

  2. I don't like any. They are all too big and look tacky. I would just want a simple 2 carat solitaire on a gold band or a gold-diamond band.

  3. You know what….I actually fucking love this. All her other stuff I’m usually meh on but this? This is a serve & she looks good!

  4. Agree. Her fashion has been good lately.

  5. The insta-posts of her in the red outfit 😂😂😂

  6. I am getting second-hand embarrassment on their behalf for this cringe of a marketing tactic.

  7. It looks good and I will always find the totoro cute.

  8. After she constantly talked so much shit about him...she goes back?

  9. Book Ginny is a badass who doesn't judge people, who badass at fights, who befriends everyone, who is smart and sassy, who is funny, fierce, strong, who taught herself quidditch, etc, Book Ginny is my favourite character.

  10. I do not follow Britney on IG so I peeped at her page when this story broke out. Her Instagram is weird, like it is clear she is not well.

  11. Exactly! can you imagine if kim posted something like this for Chaney or Julia????

  12. The guy was literally harassed and bullied online for months and now has to go through the KJ PR machinery.

  13. My friends used to buy it regularly in the earlier years and even after all the new lip-kit shades, they said Koko K, Candy K and Mary Jo were the best and that's what they kept ordering even after new shades were released. But they haven't ordered anything from Kylie in the last 2 years and have shifted to other brands.

  14. "I also wore black kurta and no makeup in Raanjhana" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. One of the main reasons I do not like the movie. Book Ron is one of my favourite character and they did him soooooooooooooo dirty in the movies. And people who haven't read the books and solely seen movies dislike Ron the most and that makes me hella sad.

  16. So NDA's don't exist? Hope she knows what she is doing, love the tea but make sure you are safe.

  17. I am not saying this rich privilege is ok for me (absolutely not!), but I understand why they do it. I have been on multiple flights where there are famous people on board, be it first class or economy class and all of them go through the entire flight with cameras discretely pointed at them, with people walking up to them to talk and take pic, with people walking up and down the aisle to get a look at them and their family or whoever they are travelling, yes even in first class. (I have been in a horrific situation where once the seatbelt sign was off, a horde of people swarmed in first class to click pics with this huge boyband and their security had to step in with the flight attendants and the pilot had to make an announcement not to do that. Another incident wherein I was seated one seat away from this actress who worked in this huge ensemble cast show 3 years back in economy and there were people clicking pics discretely and posting on sm saying, "lol, look at her flying economy" ). It annoys us regular people, just imagine how much they would be annoyed as they are the point of scrutiny.

  18. This is so wholesome and all the best, OP...rooting for you!!

  19. I wait for this post so I get to know what is happening in the world of Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, even though I was never interested in knowing anything about them; but the update post from that one user about them makes me smile.

  20. Same here. I hope they’re ok!

  21. Same. I hope they are ok because I know their last update was that they were sick so not posting the update a month or so back. I miss the updates even though I do not even care about R&T.

  22. What exactly did Rebekah Vardy thought was going to happen. Colleen took thorough steps to find out who was leaking the news to the media and caught her. People would have forgotten about it as another silly scandal in the world of football/wags; but now not much.

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