Secret tunnel guided missile run (I have no life edition)

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  1. Broski, there are an incredibly small number of jobs that require a TS/SCI. That investigation costs upwards of 80k to conduct, they don’t just give them out. You need to look at a lower level entry point.

  2. I know that’s what I’m looking for since I have 0 experience on field. I gave up on finding entry level they almost too rare I started applying for internships.

  3. There are tons of jobs in that field that don't require any kind of government clearance, most, in fact. Unless you're in some kind of badly-named program, Industrial and Systems Engineering is about process efficiency and consistency. Stay away from defense contractors and government agencies and you'll find tons of jobs.

  4. I might be looking in the wrong places. I’m using indeed and linkedin. And staying away from NY and Cali. I’ll start to apply everywhere and see.

  5. Find the job on Indeed, then apply on the companies website. This will for sure help you get more call backs. Also, take what you can get. Any experience is good experience.

  6. I know it is better. I recently landed a job by applying through the website of the company. Before I got this job, I was applying through Indeed for everything. Once I started applying through the companies website, I got call backs by the next day.

  7. Damn, man, I realized the meaning of this phrase only now, after the third playthrough and your message. I felt very sorry for Fragile after everything, especially when she cried after Sam rejected her at the end, especially realizing her difficult fate. If the DS story ended with one game, then my heart would be just broken right now.

  8. There is one scene that confirms Fragile love Sam is when they where on the beach when Amelie said “he doesn’t need your help” “and he got me” then Sam thanked Fragile and told her Bridgets needs her help to reconnect. Fragile answer was “Who’s better to scoop up all the pieces and put them back together” I believe she referred to her broken heart.

  9. As for a monitor that typically the user sits closer to than a TV, 1440p is enough really.

  10. Yeah I thought about that too. The one I have now is 1080p nothing supported but in 27in still doesn’t look bad. So I guess you might be right I wouldn’t notice a big difference. But I’m thinking if I want to buy something why don’t I just invest on best out there so I don’t have to buy a new one after 2 years or sm.

  11. It comes down to your budget, if sky is the limit, go all in on a 4K. I’m sure a descent 1440p motor would last longer than a couple years.

  12. It’s not about how long they last, it’s about how fast tech is evolving. We humans are picky 😂

  13. Well, at least subscriptions are easy to opt out of! If only they would introduce a new tier to just play owned games on xbox cloud.

  14. You can still play them but not cloud only streaming but your xbox will turn on. For me it actually works better than cloud if you’re connected to ethernet.

  15. Just play it normally tbh, if elden ring has KD I might have got 10KD in PVP lol while I usually suck in Dark Souls game.

  16. I did sign up and I have a shit load of points but I never gave my social. I just don’t feel good about it

  17. I work at a retail, i saw that card with someone and I asked him about it. He said he had it for a while and it’s been good for him so far. Tbh that card caught my eyes. Good design and it feels premium. The downloaded the app few days ago. Started collecting points and everything seems to work fine. I like the concept and I think if they get big I believe they can even have some kind of contracts with gaming companies. Because it will make some people spend more time playing.

  18. I’ve had this vehicle the whole time and I didn’t know this. Smh

  19. Yeah I didn’t know too until I saw someone passed by me flying a vehicle and looked so odd I thought his account was modded or sm 😂

  20. You might be right I don’t remember exactly it’s been a while.

  21. Yep, it's the Scarab in the arena ready section

  22. That's a part of why I like using it too lol, I'll just mess around with random players, and I've already had at least 5 people ask if it was mods

  23. Yeah of course they would, I know a lot of people don’t even know that’s a thing. When I first saw a car passed by me just jumping in the air I was like what the heck did I just watch 😂! That’s why I find that so fun to do some players are always surprised.

  24. You need some true dangerous friends to help. If you’re on Xbox I can help you.

  25. It’s been like 2 months or so, I’ve never seen Apple too late to fix things. I was just wondering if it’s only me because I have the Developers Update.

  26. I don’t even care about the rest of them, I’m always using the main gun he has the best dialogue.

  27. Adorable. This is why this game survived a decade, pure sandbox interactions.

  28. Man stuff like this is why is still play, griefers can grief but golden moments like this bing me back.

  29. True, I actually only play it to kill griefers. This session was so peaceful I saw around 6 players with trucks on the mountains I went their to join them when this happened.

  30. If that's true, then Kojima's statement about making movies next ain't far fetched. He's already at it. Wouldn't that simultaneously pose a world record for longest cutscene in a game?

  31. If he just copy and paste death stranding into a movie I would still watch it. It’s the most complicated and well-packed story and how the story was a mystery until the end when it all started to make sense. I LOVE IT. That’s what every campaign game must have but unfortunately only few studios can make something like that.

  32. They're NPCs with player tags

  33. I want to kiss these NPCs, they appear when you really need them 😂

  34. Just to let you know, it’s the only game in my life that I played twice (for fun). Very underrated 💔

  35. Ah, didn’t think of that, duh. I’ll ask Monday, thanks

  36. Yeah different branches are owned by different owners. Check with them, I personally wanted to do that too but usually I get my coffee at 9am it’s always too busy so I just make the order online (walk-in) to avoid waiting.

  37. Kids nowadays! This will be the first NFS game that I’m not excited about.

  38. Yes that’s true that’s why the sub should be a discount only that would save customers some money and convince them to come more often. It’s a win-win.

  39. As someone else already mentioned, it's because your phone's location is turned on. They have access to it through the app so if they have the updated menu screen in the drive-thru, your name and points gained will show up on it. The Dunkin across the street from me has this feature and I thought it was pretty neat.

  40. Do you need to allow precise location? I think this is the only way to know exactly where you are.

  41. For me, I’m more pissed off because the past 4 years I only order Ice Caramel Latte. I can’t use the rewards for this order now I have more than 4000 useless points that I can’t redeem because my coffee is not included!!

  42. Grappling feels... weird to me. Like grappling horizontaly or downwards shouldn't work like that

  43. Yeah the player pauses midair! Batman game was much smoother. This game did the worse Grappling and Gliding mechanics.

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