1. Amazing how you assumed so much with so little information.

  2. This is obviously a scripted bit. Kourtney agreed to say these things for the shock of Khloe’s reveal. Come on now, we’re not that gullible.

  3. It’s so embarrassing that Khloe calls him such a good dad when he won’t claim one of his kids and never sees the other. Guess it only matters how he treats True?

  4. Roen quads suck. If you buy them- get them from their Amazon store because you will definitely be returning them!

  5. Get them from a Boxycharm sale! I got the 11:11 for like $16 during a friends and family sale (I’m not a Boxy subscriber)

  6. I agree with your take. I unsubbed because even though I love Downfall videos, hers were just extremely casual with absolutely no research at all. It felt at times I was talking to a friend that knew less than me about the topic 🫤. I also found that in her reviews, she doesn’t go into detail on anything she’s talking about so I can’t even learn more about the product she’s showing off 🫤. Sad, but I’m rooting for her.

  7. Never mind that…… Is that Kylie and Travis doing some PDA I spy in the background ? 👀

  8. Her YouTube video announcing the rebrand was bizarre. She acted like a major overhaul to the brand was coming that would majorly impact consumers. The only two things that have changed are a) the packaging of the nail polish and b) lights laquer and lights label are now one website. Brand owners need to be able to distinguish between changes that are big for them (I.e internal change management of combining websites) vs. what will actually impact consumers in a real way. Nothing about her announcement was exciting or special for anyone… but her?

  9. I mentioned this on another thread, but I don't love the all lower case "lol relatable" title in a video where she's asking us to purchase a jade applicator and a fucking $32 lip balm.

  10. I’m sure people are going to say that this is a really angry comment but you’re totally right. She is talking down to us and being pretty unprofessional while releasing a stock product…. For $32.

  11. I have never heard anyone besides influencers talk about Jouer! I forget they event exist nowadays tbh

  12. All companies that support the colonial settlement of Israel which unfortunately means almost all American and European brands.

  13. People downvoting you have no conscience. Thank you for speaking up about Palestine!

  14. He totally has this picture, crossing out their heads one by one as he 'destroies' them /s

  15. Holy shit! Are you a fortune teller??? He just posted this pic with an X through Pete’s face!

  16. In general, I believe it is as mentioned, get rid from some stuff and try to introduce new customers to the brand. I say that because I bought some and I can share from my own experience. I bought 2 until now, Melt and Oden's Eye. I got the Gemini from melt before and really liked it, so I knew that I would love the pallette that would come in (and I knew that it won't be the Millennial pink, because it was already in an early mystery box) and for the price of less than one palette I got to try other stuff from the brand. For the Oden's eye, I was curious, but felt they are a bit overpriced, so I could try more in a price I found more reasonable. I personally don't like the mystery aspect that much and buy them if I know something, even vaguely, about what will be inside (like, 1 palette, a brush etc).

  17. For the life of me I cannot comprehend why people buy mystery boxes. Do you get a rush, adrenalin similar to pressing spin on slots? I cant get on board because fearing the crash and burn of disappointment and facing the reality that I just threw money away, outweighs any excitement I could possibly have had...lol yes I'm a glass half empty type :)

  18. Poor Saint, he’s at boot level. The smell must be overwhelming.

  19. I have a smaller YT channel and the few sponsorship and PR deals I have made so far have very very specific details on how they want it done. Almost every single brand has given me an exact minute amount that I should be talking about them as well as what portion of the video it needs to be in (ex must talk about brand for at least 2 minutes in the first 5 minutes of the video and give shoutout at the end). I don't know how negotiable these terms are since I'm a much smaller channel and don't have much bargaining power but I assume this is probably why she spoke on them so long.

  20. Wow thanks for sharing! Sounds like she needs to negotiate better terms for her sponsorships!

  21. Just use SponsorBlock and don't worry about wasting time anymore

  22. This is so annoying because her waist is not that small. What a bad example to be setting for young women who want to emulate that body.

  23. Just hearing him talk is annoying lol. I can’t believe she was so impressed with him being home and taking care of his daughter during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Where the hell else would he be? He couldn’t go anywhere. I bet if she looked at his phone though, he was probably sexting everyone on earth lol

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