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  1. r/ mapswithout Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand

  2. How are you doing? answer: “not too shabaqua”

  3. Giiwen! You go home! Singular

  4. Learning root words I found to be helpful like learning Latin words in English. Prefixes Like -pod -nad -za -współ -prze -przy. Then root words like dzielić, gotować, chodzić, pisać, pracować etc a lot of words CAN be made just with these words.

  5. Welcome translating English to Polish. The kogo czego nonsense does not work or won’t make any sense if you are not from a Slavic Speaking countru. Just remember there are different ways to decline a noun. The best way is to memorize Masculine Feminine and Neuter endings. Then which words follow these changes.

  6. Oh and another question I have is are cases assigned only by verbs and prepositions?

  7. Niibawi Makwa / Makwa Niibawi. Ikogaabawi would be stand out of the way. Maybe they used that ikogaabawi Makwa.

  8. What language are you looking to learn? I’m currently looking to try and learn Spanish if that’s of interest!

  9. Just wanted to brush up on my Polish and French possibly recap my Latin and Italian.

  10. You can watch a movie with dual subtitles at

  11. Czesc! I’ve taught English in Poland for many years. The main thing is in Polish you dentalize your pronunciation. Meaning when you speak, you speak through your teeth. In English we open our mouths more. It may feel unnatural at first but watch videos of English natives and you will see how much space we have between our teeth. Also please practice TH sounds. It is an entirely different sound than D. Also in Polish you have a lot of consonant sounds ć,cz,sz,rz etc etc. English is all about the vowel sounds. Whereas Polish has 6 vowel sounds English has around 15-18 depending on the region. Practice Vowel IPA vowel sounds.

  12. Et ce n'est pas dans la région de Montréal ou Rive-sud/Laval

  13. I love it. Very Franklin Boothesque. Is it traditional or digital?

  14. You can use ox gall for this, but the fast drying time is a feature, not a bug.

  15. Sorry I should have mentioned why I wanted to slow down the drying time. I am using gouache as a substitute for ink to practice inking. It easier to clean and there is no risk of dying my furniture. If find it works as a great medium but lately it dries too fast on my brush. So I have to reactivate it after ever 2-3 strokes. It’s a small calligraphy brush. The drying time is great for paper but not so much on my brush. Thank you for this help and information I will try it

  16. It’s mine please give it back.

  17. I found this guy who draws in a similar style but better on Instagram a while back. I saved A picture but my iPod is now broken and I can’t retrieve the photos. Can someone help me with what style of drawing this is with bold running lines. Also if you know anyone who draws similarly if you can send me their Instagram links. Thank you in advance

  18. English is my native language so I guess my swearing abilities are also strong

  19. This seems at odds with his Christian beliefs, because Christians are constantly telling others what to do to help "save" their souls.

  20. Personally I think he inflated the currency of Christianity. He is at odds with a lot of Christian doctrine.

  21. I guess someone finally decided to put me in a meme

  22. Sz is touching the top of roof of your mouth Ś touching your bottom gums of your mandible. Sh in English is in between the two.

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