1. I stopped playing after, uh, 2 or 3 months after launch? At some point it felt like it was just me leaving my phone on so it plays itself more than me actually playing the game. Is this still the case?

  2. Farming stages are auto friendly, now you can background farm them. End game stages need manual.

  3. Yeah, I want to try being more chill and just focusing more on the story this time around. I remember back then I was interested by the story but I was just tired and overwhelmed because there were so many things I need to do to build characters and I didn't want to spend that much time on it. Thanks again, mate.

  4. Then get Black Rose Helena from the c100 banner and you’re set for an easy pve. Have fun!

  5. What does that means for players who already have this? Do we get to keep both bowties?

  6. Is there a way to have 2 accounts on the same phone or do I need to delete the cache every time I have to change from one to the other?

  7. On Android you can use play store and Amazon version. Or use Clone app.

  8. Hello guys, probably not to the interest of everyone, but the FFBE tactical spin-off (War of the Vision) is having its collab with FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE

  9. My suggestion would be remember why you quit the first time and stick to it.

  10. Or understand what to avoid and not get burnt out playing a game.

  11. What are the vital parts of the nier VC outside of the identical luck stat with Secrets of the heart that won't allow tifa to evade? or as you put it, vital parts of the puzzle

  12. You can get the same stats if you use one in main slot and one in sub slot (sub has lower value).

  13. You started a new account to give away viz packs that aren’t really transferable?… this is too fucking fishy dude get out of here

  14. usckitty is a long time player from discord, but I understand your doubts on fresh accounts (also more chance for me to win)

  15. Why does the app often stop working on ios? try opening it this morning and comes up to a black screen then disappears. tried force closing everything, power off and back on, but the only fix seems to be deleting the app and reinstalling it (plus the 4GB of patches), any better way to deal with this problem? it happens maybe a couple times a month

  16. What is your model? My SE2020 (latest patch) doesn’t have this kind of problem.

  17. Spent over $1k the first two years but in the last 6 months less than $100 so you are right about the incentive to even purchase anything in this game anymore

  18. Well, not really hard like calculus complex. More like hard as in it takes SOO much resources to fully max a single character

  19. Just pick your favorite unit for this feature if you’re not into competitive PvP. At least that’s what I’ll do ~

  20. Which version of the black garb have we decided is best? Dodge or def

  21. Art department never disappoints us. Whoever decides the banners tho<

  22. Uh can we replace the Cadia image with Helena? She might not be the best girl, but she is definitely the best mom I'd like to be friend with

  23. Rejected. Obviously an objective answer~

  24. Gumi: hold my Elemental tower.

  25. Day 1 player, its not the anniversary yet. These pre count down are just your normal stuff with a pre anniversary tag. Would calling Luartha VC release week make it any different, no. Don't worry we'll will get a Hiroki gift pack, two different log in boards and tons of tickets to sit in my ticket inventory.

  26. One day they'll allow me to spend all my raid revival tickets in one go.

  27. I personally like them. Niche usage, but helps breaking out the mono element team.

  28. Fwiw I don't use it anymore. Once they revoked the lifetime licenses, I think a lot of people left.

  29. It was so long ago! I still remember getting the lifetime thing, but then dropped it anyways because I didn’t really need the app. When they revoked the lifetime license it was whatever at that point to me.

  30. I can’t even draw a decent stickman, so they’re already xxxxx time better than me.

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