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  1. Ohh okay got it! Never to young to be considered to young. Actually a funny thing my niece said was “Auntie if you don’t want to get older just don’t let the old in! I pondered that for a moment but she had a point. Age can just be a simple number if don’t give it any more credit.

  2. My dad always said, "I don't know how to act my age. I have never been this age before."

  3. EW GROSS.. WHAT HOTEL IS THAT!? No way! .. but really? What hotel is that? Where can I find it? 😐

  4. You kill one person its a tragedy, you kill a million people, it's a statistic.

  5. Thank you so much! I will ask about the potential for that and diagnosis process when I see my concussion specialist. Thankfully the brain physical therapy clinic i will be going to treats and supports the US ski team and US climbing so I feel like I'm in the best possible hands.

  6. Unfortunately, doctors haven’t found a way of diagnosing someone with CTE while they’re still alive.

  7. You probably won’t make it out of that place until next week, you need a guide and a car.

  8. And both industries provide you with the thousand yard stare


  10. I have a blue tick hound and shes very verbal but not loud or shrill either. Just like to tell me about her day

  11. Ive trained my blue tick and corgi/chihuahua mix to bark and howl when i repeat the words/phrases “cash only” “bababooey” and “borgir”

  12. Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw it

  13. I had to see this 3 times to realize this was not a giant rock penis...

  14. Narcissism is it’s own cluster B disorder. While some of the symptoms can look similar from the outside, working with us shows anyone the difference who cares to see it. A lot of it is to do with motivation—narcissists don’t have a fear of abandonment that will drive them to make radical (often poor) decisions.

  15. I've had a full mental health team since I was 15.. I'm 33. But thanks. Its just a personal fear (maybe irrational) like I mentioned before

  16. Quite understandable. I’d trust your team on this one—with that much time, they’d pick up on NPD vs BPD. You’re good!

  17. Yeah.. thats why I came here. Its easier to ask people that also have BPD than asking my doctors

  18. If you - you go to a concert.. and you smell some weed, believe it or not, jail!

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