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  1. Yes this absolutely counts as a "nice guy"... And this is actually a LOT worse than the way most people lash out. This is emotional blackmail... shameless emotional blackmail.

  2. Hmmm... The "I'm so selfless" comment was an eyebrow raiser but I think we need a little more info to conclusively dub this one a "nice guy"

  3. Ok, but here's an idea: get a guy who is an absolute hunk to play the incel. Like, a 10, super hot guy. Perfect jawline and all that shit they cry about. Make it all about his idiotic worldview.

  4. I have a name for this sort... instead of "But-her-face" that guy would be a "But-his-mouth"

  5. LOL paraphrasing my galpals of course... usually they describe seeing a gorgeous man and when he goes up to them to speak they want to say (and I quote) "shhh... You're pretty... Just... Shhhh... Soooo hot... don't talk"

  6. my mistake, I forgot how I psychically imposed my will on the supreme court, making me responsible for their decisions

  7. If by "psychic powers" you are referring to voting conservative and supporting pro-life politicians who appointed the justices who overturned Roe.. then yes you are responsible.

  8. ..... So every single conservative is now responsible for every bad thing that happens on the issue of abortion. Riiiight

  9. Kind of sums up my attitude! It is long shot that has the most extreme payoff you could ever imagine... continuing your life in a distant future that is likely beyond our wildest dreams.

  10. You post an essay on better ways to reason but say "getting yourself frozen is LONGEST of long shots (to put it mildly)" and as far as I can tell, this is nothing more than personal incredulity.

  11. If you are a scientist then you should know better than to make claims about this being something other than a long shot. There is a world of unexplored territory regarding the nature of intelligence/cognition, neuroscience and computational complexity which could have nasty surprises in store for efforts to reanimate people. Technology seems like it "should" be able to handle this someday (perhaps in the near future) in principle... but until it has proven so don't make assumptions about what will or won't be possible. We can't say for absolute certainty yet whether existing freezing procedures are able to freeze everything without damaging necessary information/structures/processes.

  12. Just FYI at the age of 25, I was 100 pounds overweight, on disability with a stutter who had horrendously underdeveloped social skills.

  13. i don't mean to sound rude but i don't have any of these things. i'm pretty fit kinda average looks i guess and i have no trouble talking to people. i'm mostly average. ive just never received any attention despite those things which is why i feel real bad.

  14. Not rude at all! You are just filling in the details of your situation.

  15. I don't know how to ask friends out, it works the opposite with women, when I ask them out they always assume it's just as friends, but men find it weird, usually assuming I am hitting on them, maybe I am effeminate or something. I am afraid of being totally alone in all circumstances, but I should definitely be angry and at least try bluffing with them. Thanks

  16. If you are terrified of being alone you will only make friends who are more likely to take advantage of your desperation.

  17. Feelings are not something you get to choose so don't beat yourself up over it!

  18. Uh yeah... that is PRECISELY how it works when you try to present yourself yourself as best you can to the outside world.

  19. His apologies became meaningless after the 5th or 6th time he followed it up by digging deeper.

  20. I have a very VERY difficult time believing that the story of what he got banned for was portrayed accurately.

  21. Repeat a lie often enough and we take it for truth at a fundamental level. The idea that a long term romantic relationship is a requirement to find inner peace is a lie... and I know that because:

  22. NTA. “I wanted you to know your place.” ……the FUCK?? No ma’am, that is a major red flag. Do not move in with this man, definitely don’t buy a house with him.

  23. NTA. No matter what gender(s) were involved what he did was a total going out of his way to be a douchebag because he refused to stop himself.

  24. I can't help but notice my frustration of having had only shameful experiences with girls. Trust me, I am a very self-critical person, and I was even more so in the past, but now what happens sometimes is that I take this frustration out on other people rather than on myself.

  25. I know it is not easily done... but I managed not to take things out on others even when I was was at one point 25+ years old, 100 pounds overweight and had not even made out with a girl. Also was unemployed living at home with horrendous social skills and a bad stutter.

  26. Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Yes I totally agree with you.

  27. So you are putting this in terms of "how do I match her?" instead of "do I match with her?"

  28. 100 hours isn’t just insane it’s dangerous! Like the OP I work in a hospital setting (‘just’ a nurse not a Dr) but I’m from Scotland and here our hours are 37.5 a week. We can also do overtime but not more than 60 hours a week. And I know how tired that can be. 100 hours a week is a death sentence! Literally, being over tired is how mistakes are made.

  29. I can back this one up in the United States. I have a former girlfriend who was a resident. They literally have legal workarounds so they can pay residents less than minimum wage while making them work 80-100+ hours a week.

  30. So... as someone who did not even make out with a girl till I was 25+... I am going to tell you something so you can stop torturing yourself.

  31. Thank you for the advice. This is very helpful. Its jusy hard seeing people happy in realationships when I just want the same level of happiness.

  32. I say this with a great deal empathy and want to communicate as much compassion as I can:

  33. Keep your head high! From what you have told us you are handling the situation with kind intentions and respect. Regardless of whether this one works out your mindset is one that will win you allies.

  34. So I want you to know that despite wincing when I read the nervous joke you cracked "judge jury executioner" I also smiled ruefully at all the dozens of times I did or said something a lot worse. Take it easy on yourself... you were nervous and while it may have piled up some pressure on her it was also clear you were not doing so in a malicious or entitled fashion.

  35. A LOT of the teens where I live worship Trump.

  36. Lets get one thing straight... by electing Trump the older generation declared "no prisoners" in the culture war... because 40 and younger diapprove of him by a 2 to 1 ratio.

  37. You know... people already prosecute false accusations the same way they prosecute the accused to begin with...

  38. Wow... If I had a vagina then after reading this it would be dry enough to dessicate whatever was nearby.

  39. This depends on your first experience which varies a LOT... I found my inner zen before I finally got in a relationship and had sex at 25+. Everything worked biologically but it was hard to process and not because of lack of attraction (she was literally a fucking model). I just did not have much experience so it took a while with various partners before I really felt it with any intensity.

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