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  1. While your point about the wire service holds, none of what you said excuses the deliberate choice of words here. This is obviously framing language.

  2. I'm going to give it to the duo because I don't see Byakuya surviving Rukia's banaki while Renji is breathing down his neck.

  3. Actually, you're missing some punctuation there. The correct way to write that would be "Lots if people. Why do you ask?" Your lack of grammatical knowledge really says a lot about your lack of intelligence.

  4. Got a typo there bud. Hurry and edit it and then I'll delete my comment. (I got your back)

  5. Nah, I'm good. The whole point is not to say that making gramatical errors indicates a lack of intelligence. I was just trying to point out that judging someone solely on their grammar is extremely close minded. I'm not gonna lose sleep over a typo.

  6. Ahhh BART. The first indication when I moved to the bay area that I had made a horrible mistake.

  7. Unlike Aizen, I'm content with the situation with the Soul King. Why cares? It doesn't affect me. I could have the abilities of Yhwach, Aizen, Ichibei, Gremmy, Ichigo, Lille, Shunsui, etc. COMBINED and I wouldn't do jack shit, because I don't care.

  8. Every pussy I've tasted always tastes a bit different than the last... No two are the same!

  9. I was about to type this. They all start with the same "base" but then they've each got their own special blend of herbs and spices that slightly switch the flavor. Some slightly more acidic than others. Some have a hint of sweet, others a little more salty. I've found their diet impacts the flavor profile slightly.

  10. Well thats true but i feel like kenpachi wouldn’t know about the link thing hes not exactly a tactical fighter so he would have eventually figured it out but unless you are aware of that connection for most the absurdity of how big his bankai is makes most retreat

  11. Arms close engages the triceps more. Arms wide engages the chest more. When I first started doing pushups in my youth arms close was easier because I had developed triceps. Good times.

  12. Yeah, it is pretty lame how permissive people seem to be about cheating. Its kind of like there's not really much of a punishment for it, because the other partner is so willing to take them back. If anything, those partners are more likely to micromanage the partners and keep tabs on them to make sure they won't cheat, rather than establishing that there will be actual consequences for doing it.

  13. Right? Absolutely no way in hell I'd forgive a cheater. I've got far too much self respect for that nonsense.

  14. But my argument is that by the time they cheat, the relationship was over. Satisfied and happy partners don't generally cheat.

  15. Agreed. If it ever reached that point there was a laundry list of issues left unaddressed.

  16. I get a 80s, 90s futurism vibe. more fifth element or total recall than space odyssey

  17. He wasn’t talking about a Zaraki situation, he was taking about a kenpachi situation.

  18. Exactly. Shits got real. It's time for you to unsheathe your blade and educate these Quincy filth on some proper combat.

  19. The only Quincy we recognize as being a proper citizen is Askin. And we make this decision based solely on his vollständig being stylish AF. There just simply isn't a way a low class citizen could sport such drip.

  20. I’ve never heard this phrase make hips float. What is that supposed to mean?

  21. This is going to be epic. I can't wait to blow people away with ridiculous chip combinations lol.

  22. They forgot to return the slab, didn't they?

  23. I see a lot of really good suggestions here. I'd like to add in a one: improved VA cast and much more audio dialogue. There are some scenes when a character speaks I cringed hard, even as a child. Some of the last cutscenes come to mind lol.

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