1. What would you say should be the limit that parents should have?

  2. How long would you pretend to be dead before they see you in person and you say "oh yeah, I got resurrected "?

  3. "I don't think I'm the asshole because I wouldn't be comfortable or sleep well down there"

  4. I had an ectopic pregnancy and the tube ruptured at the end of my work day. I emailed my boss while waiting for my husband/surgery that I was going into emergency surgery and would be out for an unknown number of days.

  5. If you asked someone living in Option B, “Are you living in a simulation?” they would wrongly say No.

  6. Spent three hours in the passenger seat only for my friend to not show up. I was left stranded for a few more hours until my dad came back to pick me up (he was reluctant in dropping me off but I told him it'd be fine)

  7. You ever found out why your friend left you there?

  8. Yes, when she was looking down at me while riding in an ambulance after I got a concussion at around a year old

  9. To be fair. The quality mostly depends on the specific restaurant. All the fast food restaurants near me are actually pretty good. But I've been to one where they gave me a moldy bun

  10. Was that BK or McD's? Or was it another fast food restaurant?

  11. Don't really member. It was either burger King or Wendy's

  12. Ariel could just camp in the water. Anyone who tries to kill her, she could just drag underneath and drown them

  13. Actors don't play themselves in their biographical movie

  14. Why not? Haha 😄 I honestly don't know who else would do it. Does he have any sons?

  15. It's just the way movies work haha. I suppose his son could do it but keep in mind, there would be a part in the movie that mentions his children. Little Jack Depp would be playing his dad and implying the conception of... himself

  16. I made this a joke at my workplace; because I work with a man whose name rhymes with Karen. All you need to do is change the first letter to a "D"

  17. You know how the word "bed" kinda looks like a bed? Well bed-makers make those.

  18. That when a pandemic strikes, the virus itself is not even close to the only problem

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