1. It took some work but I think what you did is sell a 2.50 put on FNHC for 10/21. You got 209 credit. So if it is under .41 at expiration, you will lose money, over .41 you will gain money but you are almost certainly going to be exercised unpredictably between now and then (meaning, you will be assigned 100 shares for 2.50 each). When it happens, I wouldn't panic, because you'll be able to sell the shares, no big deal, the question becomes, how much can you sell those shares for, more than .41? less?

  2. This has to be one of the best responses to a question I've seen on reddit. Well done sir. Good work!

  3. If you're based in the states I've seen 3060 and 3070s going for under 1000 at best buy. Returns with receipt

  4. What about one of those liquid cooled laptops?. Those or the msi titan with out a doubt. Get the i7-12800hx as opposed to the i9 12900hx and save almost a thousand bucks

  5. Best way I could put it. Has it been more than hood enough for you? Seeing those numbers I would think Great amazing... but everybody is going to be different.

  6. Have you tried the good lock module and toggled on higher resolution in the multi star app?

  7. The Maverick of Wall Street. Give his channel a few views. I usually watch his content in 2x cause it's a LOT to take in.

  8. Get atleast a 6 gb vram gpu in your laptop. The 1650 3050 3050ti vram limit is not enough for some triple A games.

  9. Then I would get the Ryzen system. It seems to have a better overall score on websites. Has more Cores[6 vs 4] (which isn't always better fyi) and faster ram out the box.

  10. Legion 5 pro with a qhd 16:10 screen and atleast a 3060. If you want to prioritize battery like get a rzyen cpu and for the best gaming I would say 12th gen intel. Not sure where you are but you can also check ebay in your local area

  11. I would not get 3050 and opt for the 3060 at a bare minimum. Jarrod tech found a nearly 50% performance difference between the two in favor of the 3060.

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