1. Looks more like an ass photo shoot than a tattoo shoot. Don’t even get to see what’s on her hip.

  2. All of those laws already exist. This shooter passed a background check to get his guns. Other countries have access to guns and don’t see shootings with this frequency. I’m not sure you know much about Americans or our laws.

  3. He bought one of the guns online from the Daniel Defense website, right?

  4. And? Still had to go through an FFL and pass a background check. Not sure what your point is.

  5. When does the background check happen if you purchase online? Is the gun shipped direct to consumer or do they have to go to a local gun store to pickup and that’s when the background check is performed?

  6. Peep the American Flag crumpled up in their pile of junk when they’re emptying the repo man’s shed

  7. Nice! The geological survey map of this property does show that as the predominant mineral

  8. The entire house is a patchwork of granite slabs and different colored quartz other stones

  9. Does it seem to be stamped on there by somebody other than the mint? What color is it?

  10. No… That was the first thing that I investigated & when looking up close with a handheld magnifier it is the exact same color as the Zero’s that are right near it to the left that has the department of treasury green emblem

  11. Yeah I couldn’t get a hit on anything else out there either. Curious to see what comes of it tho

  12. I don’t share often but I thought of you guys when I came across this article. It’s a good read and I hope it may shed some light or reinforce some the things you’re already doing to cope or stay well. After reading it, I have to agree that some of the things that have helped keep me going are mentioned here. Being a father has been a big factor, and yes, I still worry about rejection and abandonment from my own child one day, but I know that feeling and worry is on me

  13. I slowed it down and two long, dark streaks fly between the cameraman and the A-10 right as it passes over him. Not knowledgeable enough to say if those are missiles but if someone said they were I would believe them.

  14. http://www.wanderlustatlanta.com/2021/08/ancient-police-lockup-box-in-inman-park.html

  15. For others wondering WTF is this. I found it kinda odd the article didn't mention it right away.

  16. It was smaller than a carpenter bee and had the yellow underbelly. Probably 1/8-1/4” in length overall

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