1. My partner would instead of a fancy, overpriced(just because of the name) , pretentious brand would much prefer a ring that is made by someone in a small jewellery shop, that has sourced the materials ethically and there is no slave-work related to the sourcing material and the production of it. Around Melbourne, or even rural NSW, or Tasmania, there are lots of small independent jewellers, that produce jewellery that is unique, and in small production which as a result will potentially make your partner feel more special, and that she is wearing something more rare and unique.

  2. Also keep in mind that even just cruising on a skateboard will drastically improve your surfing abilities. If you’re beginning on the water, I can tell from experience that cruising on the streets is a good start. When you feel ready you can move to a surfier skateboard but for now, balancing on a board might just be what you need. Plus it’s fun!

  3. Yupp, I've begun surfing like a year ago, and I'm now 33. I go once a week, and the idea behind the board was getting some more practice going. Thanks for your tips. I'm also going to take someone else's advice on board and find some softer tracks for the front to be able to be doing the pumping motion easier.

  4. Put softer bushings in the trucks. Then try again. It's a cheap upgrade if it doesn't work for you then, you can still upgrade. Try orangatang nipples, Venom shr cones or Riptide cx bushings.

  5. Oh wait, that is a great idea. Didn't think of this. You reckon the board shape is fine for surfskating? I personally don't nind it being quitw narrow, though I have massive feet, still feels alright. But stif as, yupp!

  6. Σωστό, το βρηκε και καποιος άλλος λιγο πριν, αλλα κάποιες λέξεις μαρτυράνε και το χωριό.

  7. punk kids in silly sports wear. like a ned or a chav

  8. Yupp, done it heaps . Paid anywhere between $30-$90/momth in inner city suburbs Melbourne (Footscray)

  9. Everyone thinks it's shit. It isn't, it's great, but everyone should continue to think it's shit so they don't move there and MAKE it shit. Let the fools continue to take the inner north.

  10. True. I feel like Footscray is 'in fashion' at the moment, and will drive rents even higher, as people coming from fancier areas(Richmond, South Yarra etc) , that also have been pushed out of those areas due to cost of rentals, are now contributing to driving prices further up in Footscray.

  11. So the cycle continues. Problem being is that soon, there won't be any good cheap suburbs like Footscray left. All because the only thing being built is endless family houses that can be used as investment fodder. The next 20 or so years are looking bleak.

  12. Would start by trying to get her to understand and explain why the budgets you’re setting for her aren’t working, has she been with you or tried to set this up herself? I wouldn’t recommend her transferring the money to you, but could you look at setting up a separate account in her name where you can have some boundaries on her moving the money?

  13. I set it up for her, but very good questions and suggestions there, thanks. Will go through them again and set more realistic goals while also help her open a savings account where pulling money out isn't an easy task.

  14. Yes, we indeed do. She is luckily getting a chunk of money from inheritance in a year or so, and she'd like to travel few months but then buy a piece of land where we can re-grow the native plants etc and create a haven for wildlife and for ourselves. Prefferably somewhere further away from a major city and its' suburbs

  15. Bit random, but Imperial leather was perfect for doing my mowhawk or pinhead hair and last throughout the whole weekend haha.

  16. 2009 Grand Vitara, full logbooks and and near excellent condition. Cost me about 16% of my annual income and bought it outright, few months ago. Had to overpay for it, as prices of 4x4s had been inflated for the last couple of years(so called covid-tax), but needed a car asap

  17. Ποια είναι η πραγματική αμερικανική κουζίνα; Ρωτάω ειλικρινά δεν ειρωνεύομαι

  18. Ενα μέρος της είναι τα sloow-cooked κρεατα που ειναι καπνισμένα με διάφορους τρόπους και wood chips. Και ειναι πεεεεεντανοστιμα

  19. Δεν έχεις λεφτά να μείνεις μόνος σου, μενεις με τους γονείς σου και έχεις λεφτά να πιεις και 1 και 2 μπύρες.

  20. Σωστη αναλογία και επισης πιστευω πως έχει πολύ να κάνει με το οτι παγκοσμίως, ο κόσμος με το λιγότερο ρευστό χρήμα/μηδαμινές αποταμιεύσεις, ειναι ακριβώς αυτός ο κόσμος που σπαταλάει το 100% των αποδοχών του, σε είτε καφέ, ρούχα, ουσίες κλπ. Ενώ συνήθως κόσμος υψηλό με μισθό ή σε μια καλύτερη οικονομία είναι πιό πιθανόν το να αποταμιευει πχ το 10% τον αποδοχών του κάθε μήνα, επομενως να σπαταλάει λιγο λιγοτερα λεφτά σε διασκέδαση, ρουχα κλπ.

  21. Το πόσο 'μαρούλι' έχεις ή βγάζεις, εχει αμεση σχέση με το πόσο χαρούμενος είναι κανείς στη ζωή του. Με την οικονομική χαντακωσούρα που επικρατεί στην Ελλάδα, είναι επόμενο να νιωθει πολυς κοσμος ετσι. Όσοι δεν νιώθουν έτσι, ειναι συνηθως είτε επειδή εχουν σημαντικά σταθερα εφόδια δωσμένα σε εκείνους απ'την οικογένεια τους (πχ δωρεαν στεγαση, βοήθεια στο ντάντεμα παιδιών, κλπ) ή έχουν καλό μισθό κλπ.

  22. Exactly. The 'need' of everything 24/7, and most people getting very upset because their favorite thing/food/experience is not available to purchase on the spot is what businesses know and take advantage of, therefore employees also have to work Sundays as a result.

  23. If you don't need to tow & have a huge family, therefore in need of an enormous fuel guzzling SUV, I'd suggest going for a Jimny. Small, more economical, and good as a daily drive. I'd imagine not so great for touring though, in terms of vehicles road manners.

  24. Had the same one, Kings Double Swag as other have mentioned here. Was good quality and withstood the Australian(VIC) climate very well, and the matress it came with was ok.

  25. Can always sell them on fb marketplace or gumtree. Some people will also keep a set of smaller road tyres and bigger off road tyres to save on fuel and let their off-road tyres last longer. If you go down that route you can also get more aggressive tyres without the noise and wear being as bad as using them full time

  26. That's a clevee way to go, for people that have a garage to store the wheels etc. I wonder if you'd be needing alignment between all these wheel changes though, specially when there's a size increase.

  27. You will get nothing much for them, Unless you are looking for a look the 17’ are super good for off-road. Combined with 33” tyres and there will be plenty of side wall. Most people are using 18” at the moment

  28. Yupp, true. I see a heap of wheel ads on marketplace that have been on there for ages, which tells me people do not really buy much second hand wheel sets and I understand why. Also most of them are 4, whereas I want all 5.

  29. Not looking after my teeth when young. Probably spent 45.000k+ plus throughout my life, fixing them and I'm only 32.

  30. As others suggested here, try asking for unpaid leave and keep your paid leave for when you need it.

  31. Try get out of those skinny jeans in side a small tent on a stormy night….has the dress code for overlanding changed? I basically look one step away from been homeless when I’m camping

  32. But they don't sleep in ground-tents like the rest of us peasants, they only sleep in roof top tents that cost as much as my whole 4wd haha

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