1. Just break up with her and enjoy being single. It's pretty selfish to string her along while cheating on her. What are you going to do when she finds out? What if you knock up the person you're sleeping with? What if you catch something and pass it on to you partner, (regardless of how often you have sex).

  2. Thanks for your input. Don’t think you’re being a dick by asking that at all.

  3. Yeah watch a few videos. Took me a few to find just a decently produced video. Y'kno, clear instructions, good shots/angles to show the proper steps...

  4. Ok, so this is one that "gave me my confidence". This guy is banging things around. He even says "Im doing this part one-handed, to film with the other" as he kinda yanks and pulls on stuff.

  5. Good thinking man. I’ll have a look about. Can’t believe I’ve not done this I’m 7 years owning a ps4. Haha Thank you

  6. Omg, yes I think I’ve heard of Logistics. Are they confirmed for the pyramid stage??

  7. That’s the beauty of it all! Existence is one unified experience experienced by a conglomerate of individual entities. It’s kind of brilliant. Like the universe trying to understand itself.

  8. Beginner here. Really enjoy the riff in lady - hear me tonight. I'm learning this atm.

  9. Yeah. Tell us where does this. Many of us will let them know what fucking shysters they are.

  10. From my experience - it just feels euphoric, in the way that everything just feels good, peaceful, calm, happy and good. When you take it for the first time, or just take it for a day, I would say it's actually kind of calming and relaxing. The "tweaking" aspect of it comes from days of use or taking a lot or too much, not eating, drinking, etc.

  11. Psychedelic euphoria is very different from stimulant euphoria. Psychedelic euphoria is very "I feel at one with existence and all is how it should be" while stimulant euphoria is just pure "I feel so fucking good." One thing stims have over psychedelics is their functionality. When you're at peak Psychedelic euphoria, you're probably lying around just absorbing music. Stimulants are functional, that euphoria will end up directed into whatever activity you're doing. Stims make everything interesting and rewarding. You can get a lot done while on meth in a way that no psychedelic could facilitate.

  12. Haha, it’s more like a 4th car but it’s safe to say that I won’t be getting this mini

  13. Brother in Christ… I’ll be so glad if I never see a fucking page promoting an OF here.

  14. For the last several years I’ve done what I can to answer your questions about how to not be fat. This usually takes place via DM’s where people want me to tell them my secret for losing 100 lbs. Here it is for those of you that care or are afraid to ask: That thing you want to eat? Yeah, maybe don’t. Eat this other thing instead. That’s pretty much the gist of it. You’re fat because you eat too much. You don’t have a condition that prevents you from losing weight. You are not immune to calories in/calories out. You’re going to start working out like a maniac? You know you’ve never managed to do that for more than two weeks, right? That isn’t going to last. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might get hurt. However, what you CAN do is take small steps to start. You can make better food decisions. You can practice portion control, but first you need to learn what a portion is. I had to break my brain to understand this. Chips have 180 calories? Well, like 11 chips have 180 calories but you just ate 2/3 of the bag so that’s not a snack, you just had three meals. I had to learn how to eat until I was full but with foods that made sense. Do you know how much lean protein and vegetables 600 calories is? Like A LOT. Or, you can just have a Honey Bun and call it dinner. It doesn’t matter what you eat for weight loss, it’s the calories that matter. You want to eat nothing but HoHo’s? Cool. Just know how many you can have to meet your defect and then you gotta be done. You want to eat until you’re stuffed? Make better decisions. There is no panacea, no magic pill. I promise you I would have just paid for that shit. Your friends that are trying to get you to join their MLM scheme to and sell you wEiGhT loSS cUrEs are stealing from you. If there was a secret, it would be on the cover of every newspaper in the world. Some rando on Facebook isn’t going to fix your problems. You’re only going to get there with hard work and dedication. The cool thing is that you’ll see results. Then other people see your results and at some point you’re 50 years old with a six pack for the first time in your life. Like, give me a reason to take my shirt off. Please. I spent 45 years being terrified of that proposition. As you’re starting to get some weight off you should start moving around and stuff. Nothing crazy. Take the stairs at work or walk during lunch rather than hitting up the Chinese buffet 3 days a week. After a while you should start picking up heavy things or maybe even do cardio if that’s your jam. You do you. That said, take your time. You’ll get there. For me, it’s 80/20 diet to exercise. I workout 7 days a week, but if I eat like shit I’ll just be strong and fat. Do the thing. It’s really (really) hard and it seems impossible to get started in earnest. However, I promise you that actually doing it will be the fucking coolest thing you’ve ever done. Also, pick an occasional day to treat yourself. Have a whole ass pizza and 24 wings. Eat a dozen donuts. Just wake up the next day and get back at it. “But I’m just too busy with work and school and kids and…” Cool story, Bro. We’re all busy. I get up at 4:00 am every day because if I don’t I’ll never workout after work. The hardest thing I’m going to do all day is done before 6:00 am. Figure out what works for you, set a schedule, and follow it. I have no idea what I’m doing but this has worked for me. I’ve never seen a dietician, a trainer or watched a YouTube video on the aforementioned subject matter. I literally made it up as I went. That said, it seems to be working. 🤷‍♂️ New year, new you, but for real this time. My DM’s are open as always.

  15. Dude. Sounds like you’re losing touch a bit here. Hoping you’re high right now.

  16. Oh shit mommymilker420, is this you in the vid? Remember much what you were thinking?

  17. Don’t mean to be rude, I play a lot of micro stakes poker but you’ll never learn much or improve your play because you’re playing with people who are so unreliable and inconsistent, you can’t really know what you’re up against.

  18. Just for example, someone turning over 47o in that position at these stakes wouldn’t be a surprise. And that just shouldn’t happen in poker.

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