1. Sooo it’s past the presale time and I haven’t gotten a code or an email yet :/

  2. wow i didnt know they served food that didnt taste like warmed over frozen meals from the grocery store

  3. Lol, it was way back when they first opened and at the tikahtnu location. Heard the quality’s gone down a whole lot since then

  4. I wear both silver and stainless steel rings and I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two.

  5. If you order stuff separately, they’ll see what you purchased and make it into one package, how did you get 3 different packages ?

  6. I ordered stuff at different times, I’d say within a week of each other. wasn’t sure if they’d bundle it into one package but they’re definitely separated lmao. I did get a warning from them earlier though saying they accidentally sent me two of the same thing so that might be it but idk. The tracking on shop is where I saw where the orders are.

  7. The short answer to your last question is no. Not right now at least.

  8. My Kroger never had them as far as I know, and I went on vacation to a state with a Fred Meyer and they had the 14” Easter squad but no eggs. Do you think they already got the eggs and they sold out or they just haven’t received them yet?

  9. I’m not sure. It seems that only Oregon and Washington state Fred Meyer’s have gotten the eggs so hopefully the rest of the country gets them, not sure where your vacation was . That’s all I know

  10. That makes sense then bc I’m in Alaska and none of the Fred meyers here have them

  11. They switched manufacturers & the new cuban chains are actually thinner then the old ones

  12. She had comparison pictures and the thin bracelet matched the pictures on the website and the new one looks like the heavy Cuban chain but as a bracelet

  13. Same. With all the gas spent going to all the places trying to find her, I might as well just buy the 100$ one online 😭

  14. I would message them , but i feel like I wouldn’t get a response back. The seller seems kind of dodgy

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